The dawn of the era of big school

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Parenting is a funny thing, even though those first few months and years are precious I found myself half willing them away until the girls were old enough to sleep through the night and give me some well earned zed’s. And then they reach that stage and with it comes an independence that can sometimes take you back. They want to go off to friends houses alone, they want to hide away in their bedrooms and play and they talk of going to school…. Continue reading

DIY floral photo holder

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I have not had the time to indulge in any fancy DIY’s recently, the constant presence of two very eager little hands means that most DIY’s end up discarded in a pile by a weary mother! When this box of treats popped through the door from silk bedding company Gingerlily I took the contents outside on a sunny day and while the ladies played in the trampoline I got busy creating a DIY photo holder.  Continue reading

Tips on buying maternity clothes

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I’m onto my third pregnancy now so I think at this point I won’t be buying many new specifically maternity related clothes to get me through the next couple of months. On my last pregnancy I bought quite a few plain, basic items which was great because those items are still perfect for this time round, plain tops, comfortable jeans and a couple of day dresses and dressy dresses and I have most of the bases covered. I tend to dress these relatively boring yet comfortable choices up by adding statement pieces of jewellery, open shirts and interesting cardigans. Continue reading

Romantic mini pizza snacks

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This year our wedding anniversary fell midweek, so while we treated ourselves to a truly memorable evening out the weekend before at The Old Convent in Tipperary, I wanted to mark the day itself and involve the girls. I try and do some baking with the two ladies at least once a week, it’s fun and productive. Usually when I make pizza I use my bread maker to create a proper dough with yeast which makes the most unbelievable pizza’s ever.  Continue reading

The Three Darlings?!

the two darlings

I’ve been a long, long time waiting to write this post. I have had several scans and heard the baby’s heartbeat so I feel like I can finally relax into this pregnancy. And although we are beyond overjoyed I feel that it would be remiss of me to not mention the struggles we have had in getting to this point. So often social media relates a story of a ‘perfect’ life but often behind the scenes there are difficulties. Continue reading

Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Review

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Vichy is not a brand I can confess to having used often in the past. To my mind it was a skincare brand and it probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind as a brand to go to when I was on the hunt for the mother of all hard working foundations recently. My skin is going through a prolonged phase of being hormonal, I’m using an arsenal of quality skincare products by Nimue to try and remedy the problem which is slowly but somewhat surely working. But the red scarring of spots lingers on making me look like a pubescent fourteen year old, well one with wrinkles and the slightest hint of grey hairs poking through!   Continue reading

Tips for new bloggers

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This post on tips for bloggers is specifically related to blogging so apologies to those who have zero interest. I get a lot of questions from bloggers new and old on various areas from social media management to website design. I’ve also worked on a number of websites, from helping them set up their blog initially to streamlining and redesigning existing blogs and business websites. So if it is something you want a bit more advice or help on drop me an email. I have shared some of my tips here previously and will continue to do that as I got lots of advice from seasoned bloggers when I started and (not that I’m seasoned by any stretch of the imagination) I have put a lot of effort into the technical aspects of blogging and social media. So here are some tips I either found useful when they were given to me or tips that I figured out along the way. Continue reading

Spring beauty favourites

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You all know I love a bargain, lets face it who doesn’t. When it comes to makeup and skincare and beauty in general I tend to focus my money on getting the basics of skincare right and then I like to let my makeup be a little fun. That said I’m fairly conservative but I do love to throw on a little lipstick in the mornings to draw the attention away from my tired eyes. Continue reading

Dressy Coats

dressy coats vanilla fermoy

I love coats. A simple statement but it’s true. Coats, bags and shoes. Living in the country that we do some form of outwear is necessary practically everyday of the year. Zara is probably one of my favourite places to shop for coats. I find the quality is good although the sleeve size can be hit and miss, often I find myself having trouble bending my arm as the material is too tight. Other than that I find local boutiques are the best place to find really fabulous statement coats that you can be sure you won’t Continue reading

Do you look after yourself?

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This is a question that to be honest I rarely ask myself mainly because the answer is usually no. On the face of I might pull my hair together on occasion or I like to do my tan but there is another kind of wellness that I think more of us need to pay attention to. When Kira Walton, co-founder of Voya, touched base with me regarding Global Wellness Day, a not for profit day that she is heading up here in Ireland, I was intrigued. Continue reading