Wedding Guest Dresses

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God I love weddings. Honestly, not only are they a lovely time to celebrate such a happy time in any couples life it’s also a great excuse not just to catch up with friends but also to get dressed up. In my life BC (Before Child!) I could simply go out shopping for wedding guest dresses and not really have to think too hard about the idea. In my life AC (that one’s obvious right!?) shopping for clothes in general is a little more challenging. Continue reading

Tips for buying shoes for toddlers

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With the onset of age comes a new air of independence with the big lady. She has always been rather ‘headstrong’ for want of the most complimentary word. She learned how to speak quite early on because she had to get herself across unlike the small lady now whose rather passive and not too bothered about what she gets as long as it’s the same as her big sister. Anyway, what has this got to do with shoes I hear you ask?! Continue reading

Handmade Irish bags

I was so thrilled to be contacted by Waterford based Claire Povey to see if I would like to try out one of her beautiful handmade bags. These bags are perfect for bringing to the beach, the pool, the gym or for using as a changing bag. Claire kindly gave me the Harbour beach bag which I started using as my changing bag since it’s not quite beach weather down Southjust yet! Continue reading

Personalised Cuff Links from Sally Clay Jewellery

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This is probably a post that is suitable all year round given that personalised gifts are great for both Christmas and birthday presents. I do love a special personalised gift, I love coming up with the ideas or creating them and I love getting them. I think there’s an added element of the effort involved that makes it all the nicer receiving a special gift that someone has put thought and effort into getting you. Continue reading

TOMS shoes – comfortable, stylish and ethical shoes

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I was lucky enough to get the chance to pick a pair of shoes from and, among the many brands they have on their website, I spotted the TOMS and jumped on them immediately. I’m a Converse girl at heart but, for those of you that don’t know, there is a really ethical and moral story behind the brand TOMS, the One for One campaign. The campaign began with the company donating one pair of TOMS to a person in need in one of over 70 countries around the world including Haiti, Guatemala and Malawi. The campaign has branched out now to provide those who need it access to safe water, access to medical care to ensure good eyesight and access to skilled birth attendants to ensure safer birthing experiences. Continue reading

DIY up style a plain jumper


Here’s a handy refashion of a boring jumper! Quick and easy to do, you may be able to skip the sewing stage if you get a really good quality fabric glue. I tried this previously and whatever glue I used meant the gems didn’t stay on past one wash so here’s hoping that this method make them last longer!

Take one plain jumper.

Continue reading