3 essential tools for craft and DIY


I won’t lie, I have a fair few crafty tools around the house. And also lots of craft material from buttons to paper every available space is filled with my bits and pieces mainly because I like to be prepared if I see an idea on Pinterest I have no patience to wait to get to the shops for materials! There are definitely a small number of craft tools I use over and over, they have multiple uses from making things for the girls rooms to fixing things up for myself the possibilities are endless. I’m no expert when it comes to DIY, I just love it and the satisfaction is immense when you complete something that is lovely or useful. Here are three of my favourite tools that are just so versatile and at least one gets used every single day!  Continue reading

5 easy DIY kids bedroom decor ideas


If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some of the DIY’s I’ve done around the house now for the girls rooms. I have been in my element channelling my creative ideas that have bubbling away for years now but only just coming to fruition now that we have our own home. These are obviously primarily pink but it would be so easy to change up the colours to make these ideas just perfect for a little boys room. These are all DIY’s that I have done at home, mostly with the girls around so they are easy, quick, clean and best of all Continue reading

DIY display wall for kids art


It feels like an age since I have found both the energy and the headspace to get creative around our house. I also felt like we needed to settle in and get a feel for the place before I went lashing things up on walls or painting things crazy colours. I have lots more little bits done around this house which I will eventually a)finish and b)photograph but when I put this up on Instagram stories I got so many questions. Continue reading

DIY hanging photo wall with Fotostore


This is a sponsored post!

I am a pure sucker for Pinterest, I was obsessed with it prior to our wedding, picking up so many little tips and tricks to add a flavour of us as a couple in our own way. Surprisingly, when it came to our home I was a little less obsessed, but I still find it a fantastic place to pick up the most random ideas from storage to art it’s all there. So when Fotostore approached me to work with them, having received the email surrounded by bare white walls, I jumped at the opportunity to do something a bit different to try and make this house a home. Continue reading

DIY scan picture frame

diy picture frame diy scan picture frame the two darlings parenting blogger ireland cork

I have seen all sorts of beautiful picture frames to record a baby’s birth or to mark a special occasion like a christening and always loved how special they are. I’ve even received some from some very generous and talented friends, and these frames are always the type of gifts that I really adore because they are so special and personal to each child. I had the two oldest girls scan pictures displayed side by side in a lovely frame but when number 3 came along her picture wouldn’t fit in the same frame as her sisters so I decided to get creative and give their all important first ever pictures a new lease of life and created these scan picture frames.  Continue reading

DIY floral photo holder

gingerlily silk flower DIY chelsea flower show the two darlings blog ireland

I have not had the time to indulge in any fancy DIY’s recently, the constant presence of two very eager little hands means that most DIY’s end up discarded in a pile by a weary mother! When this box of treats popped through the door from silk bedding company Gingerlily I took the contents outside on a sunny day and while the ladies played in the trampoline I got busy creating a DIY photo holder.  Continue reading

Get Crafty

get crafty ali coogan review craft book parenting blog the two darlings ireland

 It’s funny, this blog actually started out peppered with lots of DIY’s I had done around the house and home. Lately I feel like I need to withdraw that claim as I haven’t done a single crafty thing (apart from mend holes in clothes) in months. So when I was sent Get Crafty by fellow blogger Ali Coghlan I was delighted, but not as delighted as the four year old who snatched it from my hands eager to get started. Continue reading

Etsy Ireland

#EtsyIRL etsy ireland

Have you ever heard of Etsy? I actually do ask this question a lot because it’s an online market place I have used and loved for years. So when I was standing in what seemed like the longest queue at passport control in Charles de Gaulle a few weeks ago I can’t tell you how delighted I was to get an email from Anna to see if I would like to work with Etsy to help promote the platform in Ireland. I didn’t need to think twice about that response let me tell you! Continue reading

DIY Christmas decorations

diy christmas decorations diy decor the two darlings diy ideas handmade christmas tree decorations

I love a good DIY of course and what better time than to let your creative juices run wild than the festive season with some DIY Christmas decorations! Truth be told some of these are hanging around from last year, I haven’t had a chance to do anything much more exciting or adventurous this year. Firstly, apologies for the shoddy pictures, the light is so bad during the winter than it makes it difficult to take good pictures of things. I got these baubles last year in Dunnes for the grand total of Continue reading

Paper snowflakes

#ChristmasCraftChallenge paper craft ideas diy Christmas decorations paper crafts paper decorations paper snowflakes 3d

I love to add a little festive DIY cheer around the house. I saw these paper snowflakes on Pinterest and on the lovely Hey Ali blog and so I was inspired to create some myself. I went for plain paper mainly because we have piles of it at home for the girls to use when painting and also because, it you’re feeling really inspired, this is something that you could literally do at your desk over lunchtime if you want to create an air of festive cheer to your desk without costing a cent. Continue reading