Creating beachy waves

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I flit between weeks where I actually bother to style my hair with these beachy waves and weeks where it spends a good few days tied up in a bun where it receives little to no attention. So here’s the low down on what I do when I actually bother to put some effort into my hair because quite frankly a post on my hair when I don’t do anything with it would be finished by now! Continue reading

DIY Gold Dot Canvas Art

diy canvas art acrylic paste upclose

I had these materials lying around for ages begging me to do something with them but our walls are so jammed with pictures at the moment I was lazy about it. I spotted some nice DIY canvas print ideas on good old Pinterest so one sunday recently I was feeling inspired!

First off your materials – there are three main elements, a canvas in whatever size you want, spray paint, again in whatever colour your want and acrylic effect paste. I got this stuff in Lidl ages ago, to be honest I thought it was paint but its got more texture than that. Paint would work the same though really. The pigment in this paste is pretty strong. Continue reading

Rolling back the years with our pastimes

roller skates

I often find myself doing wardrobe clearouts – it makes space for new items (ha ha just don’t tell my husband!) and also makes me realize what I actually have in there. I find it so hard thought throwing out things I deem as having gone out of fashion because really, is there such a thing!? We thought big shoulders died in the 80’s along side perms and neon but hey presto when Balmain sent their models down the runway a couple of years back with pointy shoulders it sparked a major revival. Continue reading

CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish

cnd vinylux ireland contradictions collection the two darlings mummy blogger ireland parenting blogger ireland

I do love a bit of nail art and there is nothing more annoying than, when you make the effort to do something a little fancy, it chips within a day or two of application. So when I was sent the latest CND Vinylux Weekly Nail Polish collection, The Contradictions, to play around with I was really eager to see if it would stand the test of time on my overly abused nails. I had a CND Vinylux manicure in the Benefit Store in Dublin previously and was impressed enough to purchase a couple of bottles myself.

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Rainy day toddler activities

header paper plate crafts the two darlings

I know it’s May and I’m mentioning the words ‘rainy day’ in a blog post but it’s cold and windy down South so I thought these suggestions might be useful. I’ve put together a list of activities that are suitable for keeping a toddler (say from about 2-4 years old anyway) occupied and entertained on days/mornings/afternoons when the sun ain’t shining and the wind is howling. The ones I’ve suggested are the ones that I’ve found keep my lady entertained for the longest amount of time and also which require only a little supervision (as in you can be making lunch or sorting a wash or, dare I say, having a hot cup of coffee!) while they are working away by themselves. I’m all for independent play and for the control freak in me these aren’t overly messy activities (for the most part!). Continue reading

Second wedding anniversary

diy gift anniversary gift ideas wedding gift ideas the two darlings ireland cork mummy blogger ireland the two darlings diy ideas kids parenting diy ideas for mums sewing

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary.

This is a small part of my husbands gift, I made this myself and am pretty happy with how it turned out. The traditional gift this year is cotton (!?) but as of yet I’m stumped on that one.

diy gift anniversary gift ideas wedding gift ideas the two darlings ireland cork

I’m not going to get gushy here about my husband or our marriage but suffice to say it has been the most wonderful two years filled with happiness, laughter, love and friendship.

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Lunch for the family

soup lunch ideas for family for todller and baby easy lunch ideas for maternity leave the two darlings

Our two girls love soup. I relied on them heavily as an easy lunch while I was on maternity leave with the two; it didn’t require much thought or attention but was a healthy lunch for myself and the toddler. I made this (lightly!) spiced carrot soup recently and my toddler told me it was ‘delicious’. The smallest lady had her beak open for it too so I thought it might be a useful, easy lunch idea to share! I’ve made a similar version of this with parsnips and the girls loved that too.

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How to clean your makeup brushes

How to clean your makeup brushes the two darlings beauty style fashion parenting blog ireland cork

Sunday night is a great night to get into a routine of washing your makeup brushes, sure what else would you be doing on a Sunday night?! Anyway, if like me it’s usually thoughts of work that dominate Sunday nights and not thoughts on how to get the bartenders attention then listen up, here’s a quick way to get your makeup brushes shiny and clean. It’s an important thing to do, keeping your brushes clean, especially if you use them most days, keeps the spread of infection from spots etc to a minimum. Plus they pick up product much better than brushes laden down with weeks of foundation or powders, yuck!


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