Housework hacks

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Never one to shy away from a seemingly boring topic, for me there is however, no escaping this subject on a daily basis. The one thing I’ve noticed since being at home with the ladies is the sheer increase in the amount of housework that has to be done. I’m the first to admit I’m a bit anal about the house being kept relatively neat and tidy. The girls are great at helping to be fair, I hold pretty tight on the rule that if they are finished playing with one toy/puzzle etc they must tidy it up before tearing out the next pile of stuff. The bump is beginning to impede on daily tasks so I’ve been trying to come up with some handy tricks to make life easier for myself.  Continue reading

Introducing the baby to the toddler

introducing a toddler to a newborn

When we had our second lady, the first lady was a few weeks past her second birthday. Her understanding of the impending situation was pretty good. I gathered advice and tips from friends and books on how best to go about introducing a toddler to a newborn. None of the below stopped me constantly worrying about how the whole thing would play out but it certainly did work when the second lady landed. To date, there has been little to no jealousy, apart from a little over zealous hugging and kissing, the girls are best of friends.  Continue reading

Family dinner ideas

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I’ve done a post previously on how to get a relatively healthy dinner on the table in about a half hour so this post on family dinner ideas assumes a bit more of a time luxury in the evenings to prepare. I thought I’d put together a post on the meals I’ve done in the past week. Some evenings I’ll go for quick and some evenings I’ll go for broke and try something new altogether. In general though, I try and use different meat everyday and a different starch, so pasta one day potatoes the next. I keep threatening to introduce one veggie meal a week but thus far my husband has resisted the suggestion.  Continue reading

Eurocamp La Pointe St. Gilles Campsite Review

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And so it’s back to reality after a wonderful holiday away. Our first week easy spent in England with my parents in law and after that we hit for Brittany, taking a fair chance as it’s climate, much like it’s countryside, is like Ireland, damp and green. After all the travelling we had done we wanted to pick somewhere that wasn’t going to result in a long drive with the ladies so we chose Sunelia L’Escale St. Gilles or La Pointe St. Gilles in Benodet Southern Brittany that was less than a two hour drive from Roscoff. Continue reading

Hotel Westport – the perfect family getaway

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One of the real pleasures of being off at the moment is being able to take the lovely Eithne from Hotel Westport up on an offer of a couple of nights away last minute. It’s nice to be able to break up the weeks from time to time especially when the big lady is just in playschool. Easy to find close to the heart of the town, we landed in Hotel Westport and upon the big lady’s incessant request hit straight for the pool. She absolutely adores swimming and I haven’t managed to fit Continue reading

Tips for buying shoes for toddlers

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With the onset of age comes a new air of independence with the big lady. She has always been rather ‘headstrong’ for want of the most complimentary word. She learned how to speak quite early on because she had to get herself across unlike the small lady now whose rather passive and not too bothered about what she gets as long as it’s the same as her big sister. Anyway, what has this got to do with shoes I hear you ask?! Continue reading

Leahy’s Open Farm

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Given that we both met while working in Agriculture and it’s still a large part of life living in the country, a trip to an Open Farm is always going to appeal to us. So when the Catriona invited us down to visit Leahy’s Open Farm in Dongourney just outside Middleton, Co. Cork we LEPT at the chance. It’s somewhere we had heard lots about as it’s a really popular place with families all around Cork and further afield. Never ones to let a little wind and rain deter us we headed down the first weekend in February to check it out.
Continue reading

Baking with toddlers made easy

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You know sometimes you’re struck by just how clever a product is. And if you’re a mother who loves and encourages baking with toddlers but hates mess I think I may have the answer for you! I met the lovely and enthusiastic Maria at an Afternoon Tea event in Cork over the weekend. She had travelled from Kerry to be with us and had on display her lovely selection of Bake it Easy products. I had come across Bake it Easy via a Twitter chat and when I met her yesterday I was struck by how well the products is put together and just how tasty it is! Continue reading

Baggers Original raingear for toddlers

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When I mentioned Baggers Original to my husband recently after receiving this lovely set in the post he was instantly transported back to his youth to a time when he and his siblings used to wear these very items too. Baggers Original are a range of raingear for toddlers to children aged 7-8 that have seen a new lease of life in recent times and relaunched after a 22 year hiatus in 2013. Baggers Original come in a set of two items – a pullover top and a pair of waterproof pants. These are lovely and colourful and easy to spot an over exuberant 3 year old tearing off ahead of you in the forest! Continue reading

Are you a safe driver?

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We drive in the car a lot. We try and visit family regularly who live either 4 hours away by car alone or 7 hours in the car plus a boat journey. And we drive a lot everyday of the week to the childminders and back so I’d like to think I’m a safe driver with all the practice I have. My husband commutes to work but he does this alone. To be honest sometimes I find myself half jealous of him heading off into an hour long commute that includes traffic. Why I hear you ask?! Because he gets to have some head space and just listen to the radio. And I’m not the only parent in the world to think that this driving time is his down time, a survey by Chill Insurance recently found that 25% of parents consider driving as their quiet time. Continue reading