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I thought this might be something fun to do, to jot down some random facts about myself, that may or may not be of interest to people but they give a little insight into me. I try to keep the balance between sharing useful and somewhat personal info across my social media platform all the while keeping certain elements of my life private, like not showing pictures of my family.But sometimes it nice to share! 

  1. I have three tattoos – a cross on my back, a star on my wrist and a butterfly on my tummy…but you’d struggle to recognise it these days! I also use to love piercings having my belly button, tongue and hand (yes hand, the piece of skin between your thumb and index finger, it was horrendous!). the two darlings parenting blogger ireland mummy blogger ireland
  2. When I was working fulltime my main area of focus was on Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies – from researching new technologies for treating wastewater to managing cow and pig manure twas surely a glamorous life I led! 
  3. I used to be massively into athletics, hurdles and the pentathlon were my main events and I even captained an Irish Schools team at an International Event in Glasgow. Now that seems like a distant memory! I still love running, getting out and clearing my head although I haven’t had the time or energy for that either in quite some time.
  4. I am weird about food textures – not so much anymore but back in the day I used to only like cheese if it was melted, I still can’t stomach cold tomatoes even though I’ll happily eat them in a pasta dish. I have to give credit to my husband for taking me out of my comfort zone and forcing encouraging me to try more foods, now I eat a lot of things I never previously would have. the two darlings parenting blogger ireland mummy blogger ireland
  5. During college there were four of us that were close friends in my Engineering class. A couple of years after college one friend was in a very serious car accident that left her with life altering injuries. Despite this she is sharp as a button and brave so we used her name as the big lady’s middle name so that she would always have something to remind her that in every bad situation there are brave and positive ways to deal with things. 
  6. I hate birds, argh rotten things. It used to drive me nuts in college as there are hundreds of the feckers swooping and flying around Shop Street in Galway…torture. 
  7. I’m not the best at cooking, but I am improving, I now have the luxury of time in the evenings and often use cookery books to prepare dinner so as to mix things up. I’m not a natural cook, I can’t just fire in a heap of spices and concoct something fabulous but I haven’t poisoned anyone yet either so yay!the two darlings parenting blogger ireland mummy blogger ireland
  8. I haven’t done a huge pile of travel in my lifetime, something I do regret in one way, babies came along earlier than expected so travel took a backseat. I’ve visited lots of European cities and travelled a bit for work but I’d love to visit South America and New Zealand so here’s hoping.
  9. I have a short attention span and I go through phases, so one week I’ll be mad about my sewing machine the next week it’s crochet or cross stitch. 
  10. If I had all the money in the world the first thing I’d buy is a Chanel 2.55 bag, a classic and a beauty and apparently a better investment than property at the rate it increases in value! chanel 2.55

5 thoughts on “10 things about me

  1. Great post. I hate certain food textures too, I can’t eat sausages or mince because of it or any of the vegetarian ‘meat’ substitutes.

  2. I actually think the water treatment job sounds really interesting!! I wanted to get into air quality but alas me and university did not get on! Xx

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