3 essential tools for craft and DIY

I won’t lie, I have a fair few crafty tools around the house. And also lots of craft material from buttons to paper every available space is filled with my bits and pieces mainly because I like to be prepared if I see an idea on Pinterest I have no patience to wait to get to the shops for materials! There are definitely a small number of craft tools I use over and over, they have multiple uses from making things for the girls rooms to fixing things up for myself the possibilities are endless. I’m no expert when it comes to DIY, I just love it and the satisfaction is immense when you complete something that is lovely or useful. Here are three of my favourite tools that are just so versatile and at least one gets used every single day! 

diy ideas diy ireland diy home decor best craft tools glue gun sewing machine printer the two darlings parenting blogger mummy blog ireland corkGlue Gun – without doubt this gets the most use. I have my current glue gun a few years now and it has a really find tip which is brilliant for sticking tiny buttons on the frames I make as part of my (very small!) business Darling Designs. There are so many things you can use a glue gun for, making frames like I do, sticking torn princess dresses back together because the fabric is too flimsy to sew, making bunting or mobiles, you can upcycle things, make snowflakes at Christmas to stick on the window, the list goes on. And glue guns are pretty cheap – about €20 for the gun itself and the cartridges I get are about €2.50 for 10. You can even run a crayon through the glue gun to create all sorts of mad artwork….think that’s my next project! ribba frame diy idea diy shadow box frame idea ribba box frame ikea the two darlings parenting blog ireland corkPrinter – I think the printer is one of those things I didn’t really know I needed until I got one and now I can’t live without it. I absolutely adore creating prints for the girls rooms and armed with a printer and some photo paper from Dealz (I prefer photo paper for prints as the glossy finish looks more professional). hp-printer-diy-framePinterest is full of free printables from quotes to quirky cartoon characters there are so many to choose from. I also love printing off pictures of the girls, I use an app on my phone to add borders and text to little pictures and I love having them around the house or in little frames. The quality is absolutely excellent from the HP printer I have, I have mine months now and the ink is still going strong and with photo paper from Dealz so cheap it’s a lovely way of updating kids rooms frequently. hp-printer-postersSewing machine – god I simply adore my sewing machine. Again, it’s just another really useful thing to have. I know when I say this to people so many respond saying that they are stumped before they even use it by how difficult it is to thread. It’s honestly not hard once you know how so go on YouTube and teach yourself! I use mine to alter clothes, make them fit better take out pockets that are adding bulk (that I don’t need, the bulk not the pockets!). I have made patchwork quilts, bows, bunting, sensory blankets, teddies, dolls clothes, little organisers for crayons and cutlery for my changing bag. The list goes on and most importantly I really just stick to one stitch and I have taught myself everything I know using either YouTube or tutorials from Pinterest. diy ideas diy ireland diy home decor best craft tools glue gun sewing machine printer the two darlings parenting blogger mummy blog ireland corkSo those are my go to craft tools many days in the week. I get so much value from platforms like Pinterest and YouTube in terms of tutorials and skills, honestly I think you could just about learn any skill you wanted from YouTube! 3-essential-tools-for-cfrating

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