Cutting out the middle man

This is the sort of post that has been on my mind for quite some time now but I wasn’t sure about posting it. As most will know from this blog I am a huge supporter of small businesses, women in business, Irish businesses, you get my drift. I also like a bargain and do not like getting ripped off. Just before Christmas I posted a picture of a watch I had ordered from an Irish based company that was cute and funny. However, the picture that was shown on said website was not the actual watch I received rather a cheap copy from a Chinese website via the Irish website. I know this because I did some research and the quality of the watch that arrived for €25 was terrible. The strap didn’t fit the buckle and fell apart the first time I put it on. I spotted said watch on AliExpress for less than $2 with free shipping so boy did I feel silly.aliexpress shopping online the two darlings parenting blog I see this so often in the area of beauty and fashion accessories, website selling items clearly bought via Chinese website, which when pictured nicely the price increases drastically. I’ve often bought myself directly from AliExpress and granted you have to wait a good number of weeks for your item to arrive but if you do your research you can bag some serious value on there. I don’t know what peoples’ thoughts are on using these sort of websites but personally I’d prefer to skip the middle man, of which there are many, and bag the bargain myself.aliexpress shopping online the two darlings parenting blog So here are a few items I’ve purchased over the past number of months from AliExpress. From acrylic lipstick holders to chunky necklaces to craft items to jewellery stands I’m always impressed and I don’t believe I’ve ever spent more than about $10 on one item the vast majority costing a couple of dollars. Personally steer clear of any replica items and these tend to be pure rubbish. When I’m looking at an item I always rank the items in order of number of items sold, the more they’ve sold the more reputable they are likely to be. Also look at the reviews, not always hugely helpful but sometimes they can be. I’ve never bought clothes because I just wouldn’t trust the sizing and quality. I’ve NEVER bought makeup because there is no regulation when it comes to the manufacture of these items, makeup brushes yes, makeup products no.Necklace aliexpress

So I don’t know what people think, maybe I’m wrong for supporting this type of a website? Perhaps. 

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