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We all love a bargain! Sometimes I find with expensive beauty buys I find I expect so much more out of them and am often left disappointed – case in point, I recently shelled out over €40 for the much revered Laura Mercier Translucent Powder and to be honest, if I’ve used it ten times that’s all, I nearly always reach for my good old Rimmel pressed powder. Same with nail polish, I always reach for essence over OPI although I do opt for an Essie top coat which works a dream. 

There are a couple of products I’ve been using for months and I can’t beat them in terms of value and quality so I thought I’d do a run down and then finish the post with a giveaway, a load of lovely products from essence, one or two of which I’ve included here so it’s a really good prize. 

First up is this Wet n Wild Liner – I’ve been using this for weeks now and I cannot fault it! Usually I baulk at the idea of a felt liner as I am literally stone useless at applying liner. This, however, makes even me look like a pro! I don’t know what it is about it that makes it so easy to use, the tip is firm enough to be easy to use and the pen itself is short so it sits nicely in your hand. So, so good, easily the best liner I’ve used and I have tried a LOT!beauty under €5 budget beauty buys the two darlings ireland mummy blogger parenting bloggerThis mascara from essence, I picked this up on a whim recently as I was not feeling the love for the mascara’s I had left in my pot. This has a plastic tip, which may not be to everyone’s liking, but it applies like a dream. No mascara ends up on your eyelid and it’s not clumpy at all. It gives really good volume and coverage to the lashes and doesn’t end up half way down my cheek by the end of the day (unless it’s been a particularly tiring day and then with all the rubbing I give my eyes even the most expensive mascara ends up almost on my chin!).beauty under €5 budget beauty buys the two darlings ireland mummy blogger parenting bloggerI got this Brush Egg on Ebay a while back for less than a euro but they have them now in Primark for I think €1.50 which is a massive saving on the exact same item you will find most makeup brush companies selling on their websites. I find this brilliant for really giving my brushes a deep clean with a regular shampoo or a soap, much more effective than just rubbing the brush head in the palm of your hand. If you are washing brushes with real hair go gently as the plastic is quite tough on them and can leave some hairs out of place if you scrub too hard.beauty under €5 budget beauty buys the two darlings ireland mummy blogger parenting bloggerI raved previously about the Original Beauty Blender and how much I do adore the finish it gives to your makeup BUUUUT a couple of months after getting it I found mould on it and had to throw it out, which is beyond annoying given the price it cost so I will not be buying that again. Alas, search as I may for a dupe, none came anywhere close in terms of texture until I randomly stumbled upon these three mini sponges from Penny’s. They almost double in size (the green is the wet version of the orange) when wet which is not what most of the others do and they are still firm to the touch. It’s just a shame they are so small, who wants to join a petition to get Penny’s to develop a full size version!?!beauty under €5 budget beauty buys the two darlings ireland mummy blogger parenting bloggerAnd last but not least are these glossy stick lip pencil meets crayons from essence, these are really, really handy to apply and give a really decent amount of colour on the lips. They last relatively well on the lips, not all day obviously but a good few hours and aren’t drying on the lips either, which is the last thing you’d need during warm weather. The liner’s shown in the picture are nice too, they do crease though but the light coloured one is really nice on the lower waterline to brighten tired eyes, and Lord knows I know all about those! beauty under €5 budget beauty buys the two darlings ireland mummy blogger parenting bloggerAnd now it’s back to you! I have a gorgeous selection of the latest releases from essence for you to win, there is blusher, a concealer palette, eye shadows, lip glosses and nail polishes, so many things! All you have to do is leave a comment below and you’re in! Easy peasy and best of luck! Open to Irish address only and competition will end Monday August 1st 2016.

**** COMPETITION NOW CLOSED**** Winner was Claire Ryan – thank you all so much for your comments! beauty under €5 budget beauty buys the two darlings ireland mummy blogger parenting blogger

39 thoughts on “5 beauty buys under €5

  1. I did a big clean out of my make up recently, so winning the ‘Essenctial’ goodies would great.
    Thanks for the chance

  2. I need these 🙂 I can’t put eyeliner on for the life of me, I usually look like a poor mans Alice Cooper so I need all the help I can get.

  3. Could do with some of these for brightening up a very tiredlooking complexion and an even worse one come sept when baby number 2 arrives

  4. Being a stay at home mom of two young kiddies who relocatedo tof the country once we started our family I love and adore honest and decent advice like this. When I get to town about once a month I have to pack to a million things into a two hr mad dash around the shops… knowing a few bits to definitely pick up is awesome. Loving your make up style 🙂

    1. That’s lovely feedback Donna, thanks for that, I know how crazy it can be to try and pack as much into those precious few free hours so I’m glad these help!!! x

  5. Love reading your blogs and I’m a big fan of budget buys…yay for Essence…..favourite has to be the concealer palette ❤

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