5 easy DIY kids bedroom decor ideas

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some of the DIY’s I’ve done around the house now for the girls rooms. I have been in my element channelling my creative ideas that have bubbling away for years now but only just coming to fruition now that we have our own home. These are obviously primarily pink but it would be so easy to change up the colours to make these ideas just perfect for a little boys room. These are all DIY’s that I have done at home, mostly with the girls around so they are easy, quick, clean and best of all cheap. For me it was all about adding texture and personalisation to the girls bedrooms and I think I’m half way to achieving that. There are still more frames and ledges to be hung but that is a post for another day. Today it is all about adding a little character to a child’s bedroom using easy to access materials and a little imagination! gold-dotsGold dots – I was looking for ways to decorate the girls walls without hanging pictures all over them, I wanted something different and I didn’t want to paint an accent wall simply because we are still trying to get through the first round of painting in the house. So I took to Instagram which is a fabulous source of inspiration under different hashtags like #nurserydecor etc and I loved the gold dots idea especially against the pink of the girls rooms. I got mine on Aliexpress here, I ordered the 4cm dots and I got three sheets, each sheet had 52 dots and cost in total less than $10. The three sheets did two full walls and I still had some left over. diy girl room decor diy bedroom ideas girls bedroom ideas girls bedroom decor ideas the two darlings parenting blogger ireland cork Wooden shapes – again I wanted to add dimension to the girls walls and again, seeking inspiration from Instagram I spotted the sleepy eyes in a lot of ‘scandi’ style nurseries. I ordered mine from Craft Shapes Ireland for €10.50 and I used some chalk paint I had left over to paint them blue, the same colour as the smallest lady’s eyes (the eldest girls suggestion, not mine!).diy-handing-cloud-girls-bedroom-diy-ideaI also got arrows and painted them gold and popped them up. The cloud came from the same place and I got the glittery paper in Dealz and cut out the raindrop shapes and used the glue gun to stick it to some string.wooden-arrows Mobiles – for the smaller girls I love mobiles to fill up corners and add some dimension to boring parts of their rooms. For the baby I went for fans, I got some in Tiger and I got some from Project Party. I hung some from the roof and others I stuck to the wall.For the middle lady’s room I spotted something along the lines of this mobile combing clouds and hot air balloons. I used card from The Range and I used my sewing machine to create the string. I think a glue gun would have worked well too for this instead of the sewing machine. balloon-mobilePrints – I love quotes and I love these for the eldest ladies room to add some colour and text to her walls as she learns to read I love that these can be mixed up whenever I come across a new one I like it’s easy to chop and change and to keep the room from getting boring and to let it grow with her and her taste too. The book cover prints are from Cartaban on Etsyalternative-to-frames-goldI generally make prints on Publisher but there are also lots you can download from Pinterest for free. I got the clipboards in Easons for about €2.50 each and then painted them, one set in gold paint from Rustoleum and the others in charcoal chalk paint from Aldi. I love how these turned out and I think its a great way of putting something a little different up on a wall and something that will grow with the girls as they can easily change the prints out for something different. charcoal-clipboardsBunting and garlands – I made one set of bunting and the other I bought. To be honest it’s probably as cheap and as easy to buy bunting nowadays but then it’s more rewarding to make it I suppose. You can get it in so many different prints and colours and you can get them personalised so it’s a lovely way to add a little something to a child’s ceiling.nunting-diy-decor-ideas-girls-room I’ve also made paper bunting which I had up before in our old house and this looks great too when you have numerous strings of it and different shapes. The feather garland I made using a few bits from Sostrene Green, my middle lady can’t pass a feather in the street without picking it up so this one was for her. Very easy and very cheap! diy girl room decor diy bedroom ideas girls bedroom ideas girls bedroom decor ideas the two darlings parenting blogger ireland corkSo there are my ideas to date, we’re actually only in our house about 3 months now so while I’ve been busy getting these bits done there is so much more to do!! diy girls room decor girls bedroom decor girls bedroom ideas diy bedroom ideas diy nursery ideas the two darlings parenting craft blogger ireland cork


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