5 incredibly useful parenting products

First things first, I’ve been promising myself, when the time permits, I want to do more YouTube videos. I just find that, although there is of course recording and editing involved, it is a much easier medium to convey a good bit of information across on. Writing a blog post takes time and effort and while I enjoy it when it involves writing from the heart, writing and talking about products can get a little boring.

So I’ve pulled out my ring light and created this video which covers 5 products that I have found incredibly useful over the past couple of months since Lucy came along. And I’m not going to talk about prams or cots, that’s too obvious, what I’m covering are hopefully a couple of products that its taken me three kids to figure out I need. Not that you need three kids to use any of the things I talk about! Anyway, enjoy, let me know what you think of the video (give it an auld thumbs up as they say!). 

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