A very special personalised gift

It must be something special that calls for me to (sort of!) show a picture of the two small ladies but this is literally too fabulous not to share. You know sometimes you get an email and it just makes you go WOW! Well when I got the email from the graphic designers that developed this picture I’m not exaggerating when I say I nearly lept out of my swivel chair in delight. And then I printed out the picture in the email and brought it to coffee and to lunch, I forwarded the picture to my entire family and I set it as my desktop background and the lock screen on my phone. So, you can see I was impressed, this is one of my favourite personalised gifts ever!


Let me explain a little. I had a beautiful picture of the girls that I took recently in the woods when we were out for a walk. Votreportrait then takes your picture and their artists will create what I can only describe as a piece of art. I went for the Artist Sketch option with two faces in plain black on a mounted 20×20 canvas. The two faces makes it a little more expensive so mine cost a total of €90. There are loads of different options like Cartoon Style or Graffiti but I thought for a picture of the small ladies the sketch would be the nicest.back

About two days after sending in my picture I received a proof that I had the option of making edits to if I wanted. I didn’t, it was just perfect. Then about a day or later I received notice from Fedex that they had picked up my order (in France, its a French company) and it was on my desk in about 3 days (over a weekend). The customer service was top notch.    votre

Hopefully its evident from the pictures why I am so incredibly happy with the picture – the drawing has literally captured the essence of the two girls so perfectly. This isn’t a filter that has been added to the picture, the picture has been hand drawn by an artist, the two girls were standing further apart and their coats don’t have the print they actually have on them but I’m glad because otherwise the picture would be overrun with fairies and umbrellas! 

I would say that 20×20 is pretty small in reality. This suits me as our house it covered top to toe in pictures so I wanted something special that would fit in our bedroom on probably the only remaining piece of wall in the house! The proof they sent through is pretty good quality too, I have mine printed off and sitting over my desk at work. If you printed it on good quality paper you could frame this too thus getting more bang for your buck. 

I was given this portrait free of charge in return for a review of their service. As always, opinions are my own and I’m truly happy with this piece!

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