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The one thing about this blog that continues on a daily basis to provide me with such a feeling of content is the people I connect with. They are all facets of myself, Mums to be, Mums on maternity leave, Mums back at work and Mums working for themselves. So I can identify with them all and everyone of them, of you, that makes contact with me makes me smile.

baby gift ideas ireland baby gift baby boxes baby hampers ireland the two darlings parenting blogger corkThe amount of women and Mums I’ve come across that are running businesses late into the nights is incredible. I constantly admire the work ethic of women like Laura who runs Abosca in Dublin. She is a Mum of four, a Nurse by trade but on maternity leave with her last baby she set up Abosca. She is the type of woman whose messages to you make you enthusiastic just reading them, she is brimming with positive energy it’s contagious! abosca-johnsons-essential-baby-giftAbosca is based in Dublin and offers a range of hampers filled with absolute essentials for any new parent. The hampers are made from hat boxes which are designed to act as memory boxes and baskets which are lined and designed to store toys afterwards. I love that every facet of the products have been thoughtfully chosen so that every item is useful. My kids even enjoyed the large bubble wrap that the box came wrapped in, the simple things eh!? baby gift ideas ireland baby gift baby boxes baby hampers ireland the two darlings parenting blogger corkThere is a lovely range of gifts to choose from, there are baskets filled with breastfeeding essentials including the Multimam compresses which I found a pure godsend in those first few weeks! There are baskets with Aveeno products (which are sulphate free so kind to senseitive skin) and others with products from Simple, again another brand perfect for baby’s skin. I was sent the Super Deluxe Baby Aveeno Hamper and to say it was impressive is putting it mildy, even the postman commented on the size of the box which is saying something considering the amount of items I am sent! It came with a total of 16 products including a cuddly teddy and all the essentials you could need from the Vitamin D drops (that I keep forgetting to give, oops!) to soothers, nappy sacks to a whole range of bath products plus a sponge.  abosca-essentials-baby-giftIt’s a thoughtfully chosen selection of products, I don’t think there is anything that will be left lingering around your changing table or bathroom for months on end. It would make a lovely gift for a new mum, it’s one less thing to have to leave the house for in those hazy early days. For a Mum like me with three it’s the exact same thing, I will most likely forget what I need when I’m in the actual shops so this way I’m stocked up without having the pile three kids into the car for example wipes, because I can’t live without them. baby gift ideas ireland baby gift baby boxes baby hampers ireland the two darlings parenting blogger corkThe baskets start at €55 and there is a range of styles up to €95 and you can use my discount code darling10 until March 20th 2017 to get 10% off. You can personalise the ribbons and mine came adorned in the Cork colours!

I was sent mine in return for this review. 

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