My Autumn wardrobe staples for busy Mums from M&S

Ah Autumn is finally upon us, I absolutely love the Autumn and the Spring, I love the transition between the two more slightly extreme seasons. I adore the frosty cold mornings that Autumn brings and the cosy nights in in front of the fire. I’ve come to realise I tend to rely on similar versions of the same outfit for Autumn and Winter – skinny jeans or jeggings and cosy jumpers. I’d like to think I will wear dresses and skirts 

but honestly with the amount of walking we do being warm is key. And I also find I have little time for thinking about what I want to wear in the mornings, I tend to grab whatever is a) clean and b) comfortable. I’ve mentioned these jeggings on numerous occasions over the past couple of years. I find them comfortable because there is a decent stretch in them and they look smart. They are high waisted and elasticated (praise the lord!), they don’t have any belt holes and there are two pockets on the back. What I love the most though is the price (€20!!), the range of leg lengths (I wear long and I’m 5 foot 11) and the array of colours. I think I have them in about 6 different colours so at least I feel if I pull them on every morning in the week if they’re in a different colour at least it mixes things up a bit. One thing I would say is that lately I think the sizing has changed. I have some pairs from about a year ago and currently I’m a UK14 in those but I bought a new pair recently and the UK14 is a good two inches bigger around the waist and overall certainly not as tight.I am a huge fan of jumpers, who isn’t right! This year I decided I want to move a bit more towards less is more so I splashed out on this beautiful cashmere jumper. I got a size UK16 in Crimson which is not that big on me so these are quite a slim fit. It feels absolutely beautiful on, like wearing cotton wool, I will most certainly be treating myself to more because I feel like cashmere is something that will stay as a staple in my Autumn/Winter wardrobe for years to come. 

I also love oversized jumpers – this maroon one with the lovely block colours around the neck is fab on but I fear it might be a bit too oversized but will do for the days when I need a tonne of layers to make it to the school and back without freezing! And finally when it comes to footwear I feel like my search for the perfect boot is over. I love Chealsea boots, I think its one of those classic styles that never goes out of fashion no matter the year. The thing I do find hard is to get a pair that firstly, won’t cut my ankle, and secondly, that look slim and neat. These beauties those tick both those boxes. They are so comfortable on because the leather is lovely and supple and for €70 sure you couldn’t go wrong. 

So that’s me sorted for the next few months, at least now I know I can pull whatever comes to hand in my bleary eyed morning rush and I’ll look half pulled together because I can rely on the staples to make me feel good, comfortable and warm! 

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