Baba Box – quirky gifts for Mums and babies alike

I find with Instagram there are some accounts that you constantly go back to check on because their feed is not just aesthetically pleasing but the content is fantastic too. This I find with Sarah’s Baba Box account and when she kindly offered to send me the February box for a look see I was delighted. Baba Box is a brand that provides both a subscription service and a one off gifting option. The selection of products contained in the boxes are just so beautifully selected and are carefully picked to support small businesses across Europe. Lots of the products are handmade and are aimed at both Mum’s and babies up to 12 months. I received the February box and here is what was contained in it. I might also add that the box itself is really handy and mine is currently being reused to contain my ridiculous collection of lipsticks! bababox-teetherThe box I received contained four products, a mix of things for the small lady, for me and for both of us. For Lucy there was a 100%, hand screen printed babygro by Nor-folk, a British brand founded by a husband and wife. There was also a little teether by Blossom and Bear which I really like and is again by a British Mum of three based in Bristol. bababoxFor me there was a Mama Bear pin by Land and Farrow which I thought was really cute and have it pinned on one of my shirts. And finally there was a set of flash cards by ThisPaperBook which are for both of us really. I think of all the items these were probably my least favourite in that they were funky but really if you were actually trying to use them to show a child what a dog looks like the images just weren’t clear and obvious, I think they’re almost pitched at that Scandi loving Mum a little too much and are more for her than baby. bababox-mama-bear-pinAll in all I really like the idea of the box, I think the idea of supporting local and small businesses is a fabulous idea without compromising on providing a nice range of products for both Mum and baby in one box. On the face of it I think it may seem expensive at between €36 and €40 per month depending on how long you subscribe for but that’s the price of supporting local and small businesses and in fairness in return you get unique, individual and beautiful items. Lovely idea, lovely service, lovely products! bababox-flashcards

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