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When Bambio Mio approached me to work with them and try out their reusable miosolo cloth nappies it was their pitch that really intrigued me ‘Even if one reusable cloth nappy is used a day in place of a disposable, it makes a significant contribution to waste reduction and your overall environmental impact’. So before you turn your nose up at the thoughts of using cloth nappies or reusable nappies just read what I have to say!!

I currently work in the area of environmental sustainability on farms so it would have been remiss of me to ignore anything that can help us improve the environment around us. I’m also conscious of the fact that with me working fulltime I didn’t think it was fair to expect my child-minder to deal with reusable nappies on a daily basis. I quite honestly don’t have time to come home in the evenings and wash a pile of nappies so I’ve tried to come up with a solution that suits us as a busy family but is also mindful of protecting the environment so my two small ladies can enjoy it as much if not more than us in the future.bambino mio reuseable nappies cloth nappies parenting blog mummy blogger ireland the two darlings The solution is simple – we use reusable at night and disposable during the day. So I’m not going to save the planet any day soon but every little bit helps. And small steps can be hugely effective when you work the maths, our simple change has saved us 7 disposable nappies per week and considering we use about 5 a day at the moment we’ve cut down our disposable nappy use by 20% per week which is absolutely brilliant.

Generally I soak the nappy the next morning, we’re at the stage where the small lady’s bowel movements (sorry future Cara for disclosing these details!) are regular and therefore always during the day but disposables come with a roll of fabric liners you can insert in the nappy to make taking out poopoos easy and mess-free. Apologies for so much poo talk but it seems to be everyones biggest concern when I speak to them about these! I wash the nappies in the washing machine usually with sheets or towels which are the only washes I run at higher temperatures than our clothes.bambino mio reuseable nappies cloth nappies parenting blog mummy blogger ireland the two darlings I have to say too that these nappies are not only gorgeous they feel so nice against the skin. We got the miosolo nappies which come in one size suitable for babies from birth to potty training which makes it so easy when you’re buying them. This is an all in one nappy that has a core you can take out to get it extra clean and the inside of the nappy is made from lovely stay soft fabric that stays soft even after washing, and this I can attest too, ours are still lovely.

To go part-time like us you need about 8 nappies in total, individual nappies cost £15.99 (I’m not sure what the euro price is yet) and you can get a kit of 6 nappies for £74.99. It might seem like a lot and it will take you about a year and a half to earn your money back but given these last probably the guts of over 2 years so it’s an investment but a worthwhile one both in terms of your pocket and the environment.bambino mio reuseable nappies cloth nappies parenting blog mummy blogger ireland the two darlings

There are currently 75 stockists in Ireland but these nappies will be launching Supervalu’s and Tesco’s nationwide soon. They were available in Aldi recently but I’m not sure if they’ll be coming back there again.

11 thoughts on “Bambino Mio Reuseable Cloth Nappies

  1. I love the patterns on reusable’s and the fact that they are great for the environment when comparing with disposables. I think using it at night at first is a great idea to see how absorbent it is overnight etc and then once you’re satisfied, maybe change over altogether.

  2. I’m really impressed by the look of these nappies! They aren’t like the old fashioned ones I wore as a baby with pins on each side. I like your thinking that reducing even one nappy per day will make a difference. And, yes my biggest question was what happens with the poo so thank you for sharing that! x

    1. Ha I know but I think its the old fashioned ones that come into peoples minds when they think of cloth nappies, these are much trendier than that!!

  3. Well I wish I had tried them and it is a regret of mine. We are at the wonderful potty training stage and waving goodbye to nappies gradually. My one remark though is I am put off by the cost, I don’t mean to cause offence to anyone but they are expensive and yhat on face value has put me off but compare it with what I have spent on nappies well as you can see I am very contradictory. However I think as a consumer to grab that customer in look at reducing the cost.

  4. I have to admit I am always drawn to reusable nappies because the patterns are always so adorable! I am glad you touched on the subject as poo as this is always my main concern when I think reusable but it doesn’t seem that big an issue now you have explained! x

    1. Oh brilliant so glad all the poo talk was a benefit!! I’d say just make.sure to.wash them in a hot wash to get rid of the smell.and you’ll be flying. You’re right these are far cuter than disposables!

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