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I got this Beauty Blender after MUCH deliberation. Like many people I had decided I would try out the trend of sponge makeup application by using a cheaper alternative, namely the Real Techniques sponge. To cut a long story short I found it soaked up half the makeup I was putting on my face and basically the girls commandered it and used it as an indoor football. So I was hesitant to further invest in a sponge as I was so put off by. Anyway, it became hard to ignore the numerous good reports on the beauty blender so before Christmas I bought the original beauty blender on It’s not cheap for a sponge, €22 went on my credit card so I had high expectations…

beauty blender ireland review the two darlings parenting beauty blogger

So I’ve been using the Beauty Blender pretty much everyday for about two weeks now. I have pretty much been bursting to talk about it but I always want to give things a good going over before I recommend them here. SOOO I can honestly, honestly, HONESTLY say that this little, seemingly innocuous sponge is the stuff of dreams. Have you ever looked in the mirror and literally thought ‘jaysus my makeup looks good’? Well I never had but I have so many times since I used this. It’s like you’ve been airbrushed or like life has put the Chrome filter on you. Oh, I am in love. The picture below has no touch ups, just a filter added because it’s so dark out at the moment and the same filter was added to both picture. 

You have to wet the Beauty Blender to use it, I run it under the tap and then squeese out the excess. I have a flannel then I use to squeeze ou the last drops and I’m good to go. To store it, you keep the little tube it comes in, pop it on the top to rest and as it dries and shrinks it eventually falls back into the tube so you can cover it and keep it clean. There are lots of special cleaners out there for them, I have just used soap and water so far and it seems to be working fine to keep it nice and pink. Aside from applying foundation, you can also use the Beauty Blender to set you concealer and to apply setting powder to specific areas like under your eyes and on top of those pesky blemishes.

beauty blender ireland review the two darlings parenting beauty blogger

I will say it’s more laborious than using your fingers or a brush. You have to dab (or ‘bounce’) the makeup onto your skin which takes time. I dot on my foundation and illuminator and bounce it in using the Beauty Blender but it does take a few minutes, the time it takes the two small ladies to do their teeth if I want to be specific (multitasking eh!). You could sort of apply your foundation using a foundation brush and then use the Beauty Blender to finish things off which would speed things up alright.

beauty blender ireland review the two darlings parenting beauty blogger

Depending on the look your into the Beauty Blender will leave you with a dewy finish. I’m not really into that, I sweat enough during the say trying to get through life with two small ladies in tow so I use a setting powder after to take off the shine. At the moment I’m flitting between MAC’s Studio Fix and NYX’s Stay Matte but Not Flat powder.

So it is as good as ‘they’ say, it leaves your makeup flawless and airbrushed, I don’t know how it works so well but it’s a cut above any alternative I’ve tried but I haven’t tried them all mind! Have you tried the Beauty Blender? Do you find it as good!? 

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  1. I love my beauty blender! I also use MAC studio fix but then to use a foundation brush for that and then use the beauty blender with my concealer. Wouldn’t be without it!

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