Beauty essentials for summer holidays

We travel most often lately by car and boat so this isn’t going to be a post about how to pack all your necessary bits into a small suitcase. I don’t do travelling light anymore but I’d like to think I pack more cleverly. I don’t get much, if any, time to put any sort of a face on when I’m away and I like that, it gives my skin a well needed break to heal and repair. So here are my must haves on top of all the other sh*te I pile into my makeup bag on a routine basis.

A good sunscreen for your face; I have a few I use all year round but it’s better for your skin to use a targeted sun protection for your face rather that the one you lather all over your body. Those can clog the pores on your face and cause a break out which is the last thing you need when you’re enjoying a beach break from makeup. My favourites include this one from Image (although I don’t like this and thought all under foundation, it makes it slip and slide) and Irish brand Elave’s Daily Skin Defense has an SPF 45 which is good under foundation and contains invisible zinc so perfect for summer weddings under makeup as it won’t cause a flashback or ‘ghost face’ in front of flash photography.Image sunscreen Nail varnish removal wipes; I have a habit of doing my nails before I head off anywhere, Lord knows why as they have usually chipped by the time I buckle my seat belt. And of course I always forget nail polish remover and if by some stroke of luck I remember that I have inevitably forgotten cotton wool. These are so handy as they don’t count as liquid if you fly and they’re lighter anyway.Nail varnish removal wipes beauty essentials for summer Gradual tanner; perhaps not an essential for everyone but if you’re like me and don’t go away to actually get a tan (days of yonder where time could be spent by a pool relaxing are long gone!) this is a handy one to remember. I’ve tried a lot of fake tans from cheap as chips Dove to the more expensive Karora and this He-Shi one is my favourite to date. It lacks the smell of the Dove one and wears off far more nicely than any gradual tanner I’ve ever used.

Powder foundation; in general I don’t use foundation or any makeup for that matter if I’m away visiting my in laws or on a family holiday in a sunny spot. However, my skin has never been perfect so I do like some sort of cover up from time to time. I usually bring my concealer and a pressed powder foundation which gives a little bit of coverage with out being cakey or heavy on the skin. When the sun is out I like to let my skin breath. I use either L’Oreal’s True Match Powder Foundation or NYX’s Stay Matte Powder Foundation

Lip protection; I don’t use a specific sunscreen for my lips (perhaps I should?) but I do find my lips get dry, dry, dry in the warm to hot weather. This lip complex from Image feels like a mask for your lips and is really effective leaving you with no chapped lips under lipstick.Image lip complex Micellar water – I always bring a face wash but I find a micellar water is so handy as it doubles as a makeup remover and an eye makeup remover for lazy nights. Not a solution I’d advocate long term but certainly a great double up for holidays and grab a travel size bottle which lasts an age. And don’t forget cotton pads, I almost always so and tissue is a poor substitute believe me!

Palettes; palettes are a great option especially for those whose nights may prove a little more exciting than sitting in with toddlers. But even parents get out for dinner albeit with kids in tow so palettes for eye shadow and blushers are a great way to be able to mix up your makeup for different nights or between night and day. I’ve mentioned these lots on my Snapchat (shamless plug > username thetwodarlings) but Makeup Revolution is my go to brand for palettes. This shadow palette has such a fantastic range of wearable shades from darks to lights and comes with a big mirror inside a sturdy case. The blush palette is brilliant too as is the highlight palette, the only one I’ve found fairly useless so far is the concealer palette which is shame as the shades were great but the coverage and lasting power were essentials summer beauty travel essentials beauty travel products the two darlings parenting blogger ireland corkTravel sized bottle of sunscreen; this is actually something I carry in my handbag from April to October. In the height of the summer I generally use P20 spray first thing in the morning on myself and the small ladies but a small bottle of sunscreen is handy for topping up cheeks, noses, the backs of necks and the tops of ears. Also for days where it starts of overcast and you find yourself at a park when the sun suddenly bursts through this is handy to have to apply to pale faces that burn in minutes. There is nothing worse or more dangerous than sunburn and it is so easily avoided and this small bottle in your handbag is a real lifesaver. essentials summer beauty travel essentials beauty travel products the two darlings parenting blogger ireland cork

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