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It takes me quite a while to get around to giving beauty products a good review at the moment so I thought I’d do a short post to give you all an insight into what I’m playing around with now. These are products that are for the most part new on the shelves so think of this as a visual press release into the latest beauty products. I won’t pass comment on them just yet as I like to give products a good trial before I recommend them here. Some of these products aren’t new but they’re new to me so I’ll include them all the same.

Guinot Huile Mirific Gold and Eye Fresh Cream. A few companies seem to have moved into sparkling oil territoty this winter, this is the one I’m trying out at the moment. I am really enjoying this eye cream as it comes with a rounded steel tip that is lovely and cooling when you apply the cream.


CND Rescue RXX – the stats on the website say 80% saw an improvement in their nails splitting and peeling after 4 weeks so this I am intrigued by.


Physicans Formula CC cream products – I’m trying these three products at the moment, Colour Correction & Care Cream SPF 30Blurring CC Eye Cream SPF 30 and Correction& Care Powder SPF 30 Light/Medium. My first foray into CC creams so we’ll see how it goes but I like that there is such a high SPF built in.


AYU makeup brushes travel set, I like this set, I like it a lot and it’s an Irish brand.


Tomatigo – this is a new brand from Kilkenny that I came across on Instagram and I’m trying out these three products – the Elixir, the Body Oil and Combi. The packaging is really slick on these.


He-Shi Tan is a higher end tanning product and when I posted a picture of these tans on Facebook it got incredibly positive feedback from people so I have high hopes! 


Skinician – is a new (to me) skincare brand that I’ve literally just received, it’s a brand that is stocked in around 140 beauty salons across the country and is being launched on the wider market over the past while. Another Irish based company with the same people behind it as those that are behind the He-Shi brand. I got lots to try out from them so looking forward to treating my skin over the new couple of months. 


Mink Lashes from Fuschia. Another Irish company whose products I really like. I’ve worn one set of these out already, The Ava, and I like them a lot. I’m not usually one to wear false lashes and for the first while they always feel like I have to caterpillars resting on my eyes but these were comfortable after about a half hour.


NYX Cosmetics – a few bits from their new range and one age old favourite. I’ve reviewed these jumbo eye pencils before and liked them for a quick fix. Milk is a white shade that can be used as an eyeshadow primer. Not sure how convinced I am about the lasting power of these pencils. The blush though I really like, it’s like a blusher meets highlighter and I really like the combination and it saves putting two prodcuts on in the morning.


Panier Des Sens Hand Cream – this is so thick and creamy, I have it beside my bed and put it on at nighttime with the CND Resuce Rxx.  And this smells divine.


So there you have it a run down of the products I’m putting to the test over the Christmas holidays, I’ll report back on these when I’ve given them the once over in the new year.

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