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I’ve posted previously about subscription services, these are increasingly popular and what I love most is the breath of topics covered by these services from periods to beauty to doggie treats there is something for everyone. It’s no secret we love books, I’ve posted about the different books we love lots of times before so when John from Bookawoo contacted me to see if I’d be interested in receiving one free month of the new children’s subscription box full of books I jumped at the chance. The box arrived at the beginning of March so just in time for Easter. Inside were four books which were absolutely pitch perfect for the 4 year old (I had sent on her age). Also included were personalised stickers and a personalised bookmark – I really loved this touch, the box even came addressed to her so she felt really grown up which is a big thing when you’re just four!bokawoo irish subscription service childrens books the two darlings parenting blogHonestly I was genuinely impressed with the books from Bookawoo – we tried the Easter book first which was a lovely story with flaps where you have to find and count the eggs. Initially I thought she was a little old for that style of book but not all the flaps have eggs so it was a bit of fun finding and counting.

This book below, Books Always Everywhere, was probably more suited for the two year old than the big lady – it had just two words per page so a little simple for my 4 year old.  bokawoo irish subscription service childrens books the two darlings parenting blog My favourite was the really the poetry book for kids, A Great Big Cuddle. There is a lovely range of poems from short to more complex ones and honestly it’s so rare that you’d even think really to buy a poetry book for a slightly older child (or maybe that’s just me!). I did Speech and Drama for years as a child so poetry was always part of life and I really enjoyed studying it later in life so I enjoy reading poems with children. bokawoo irish subscription service childrens books the two darlings parenting blogThe last book was a lovely book about one fish’s adventure to the sea. Another lovely story that gives a little insight into the wilderness and is written quite like a poem. Simple enough text, perfect for any child up to about 4 years old, accompanied by beautiful drawings. bokawoo irish subscription service childrens books the two darlings parenting blogBookawoo is an Irish service based in Howth and it just began last month. The service costs €29.95 per month for one child and €49.95 for two children for which is actually pretty good value given the size and quality of the books. Plus I think it opens you up to a whole new range of books and authors. I had never heard of any of these authors so it’s nice to open up to a new style. I find in the shop or the library we tend to gravitate towards the same authors which can get a little tedious truth be told!

*We were given one months free subscription to Bookawoo for the purposes of this review but I’ve extended my subscription I was so pleased with the service. 

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