Branding with Limelight Media, Cork

A few months back I got a notion that I wanted to streamline my presence, or my brand, online. I was in the middle of running my small business and I had my social media and the whole lot of it just felt a bit jumbled up. I had seen a few friends online, Cliona and Niamh, get the most beautiful branding done for their websites and social media so I touched base with Limelight Media in Cork to see what might work for me.

I wanted to get a more cohesive feel to my content, to set it up so that if you saw something online that was mine, that you would know it was mine. Looking at my Instagram in particular it feels a bit jumbled, I wish I had the time and foresight to create a similar vibe or theme across my pictures but
they say a creative mind is never tidy so my Instagram probably translates that pretty well.

It was such an interesting process to go through in terms of creating a vision for what I thought I might like. I created a mood board of colours using pictures and fonts and anything else that stood out when I looked online. 

Needless to say the colours were all pretty bright and then to see how Aoife in Limelight brought that to life was just mind boggling. The creativity and talent and ability to take aspects of my personality and to structure it was just incredible.

Limelight Media provided seven different options to choose from including logos, patterns, brand colours, typography and lifestyle images and they were all so different but yet all so me!!! The way they could take a concept like sustainability and parenting and DIY and weave it into the graphics and colours was just amazing. The thought that went into the tiny details, honestly when I went through the presentation I could not stop smiling!!!

The tricky part was narrowing it down to choosing just one, I asked my husband, sister and a few friends and to be fair most of them came back to the same two for me so I went with my heart then and chose my favourite.
I cannot wait to roll it now across my social media and my website.

They provided me with so many images all sized for use across different places, like Instagram stories, a holding image for my reels and IGTV, an image for my website header and many, many more. There is a huge amount of work and thought that goes into branding on their behalf and the girls in Limelight just got me, I cannot tell you how much I smiled when I saw the proof logos, the meaning behind the different symbols or fonts, I am so, so happy with it and I cannot wait for my Instagram to look streamlined, colourful and a little more me!

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