DIY Christmas decorations

diy christmas decorations diy decor the two darlings diy ideas handmade christmas tree decorations

I love a good DIY of course and what better time than to let your creative juices run wild than the festive season with some DIY Christmas decorations! Truth be told some of these are hanging around from last year, I haven’t had a chance to do anything much more exciting or adventurous this year. Firstly, apologies for the shoddy pictures, the light is so bad during the winter than it makes it difficult to take good pictures of things. I got these baubles last year in Dunnes for the grand total of Continue reading

Paper snowflakes

#ChristmasCraftChallenge paper craft ideas diy Christmas decorations paper crafts paper decorations paper snowflakes 3d

I love to add a little festive DIY cheer around the house. I saw these paper snowflakes on Pinterest and on the lovely Hey Ali blog and so I was inspired to create some myself. I went for plain paper mainly because we have piles of it at home for the girls to use when painting and also because, it you’re feeling really inspired, this is something that you could literally do at your desk over lunchtime if you want to create an air of festive cheer to your desk without costing a cent. Continue reading

Luxury Irish Christmas Gifts

luxury irish gifts chupi christmas gift ideas

I will preface this post by saying that most of these I haven’t tried (hint hint hubbie!) but you’ll agree that it’s a collection of delights sure to please. I think the thing about luxury and Christmas gifts is that it doesn’t need to be something that you need but rather you can indulge in the ridiculous and treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t. Continue reading

A very special personalised gift

personalised gift ideas personalised gifts gift ideas picture gifts the two darlings mummy blogger

It must be something special that calls for me to (sort of!) show a picture of the two small ladies but this is literally too fabulous not to share. You know sometimes you get an email and it just makes you go WOW! Well when I got the email from the graphic designers that developed this picture I’m not exaggerating when I say I nearly lept out of my swivel chair in delight. And then I printed out the picture in the email and brought it to coffee and to lunch, I forwarded the picture to my entire family and I set it as my desktop background and the lock screen on my phone. So, you can see I was impressed, this is one of my favourite personalised gifts ever! Continue reading

Personalised Cuff Links from Sally Clay Jewellery

personalised jewellery personalised cuff links ireland 30th birthday gift ideasbirthday gift ideas the two darlings personalised gifts for your husband

This is probably a post that is suitable all year round given that personalised gifts are great for both Christmas and birthday presents. I do love a special personalised gift, I love coming up with the ideas or creating them and I love getting them. I think there’s an added element of the effort involved that makes it all the nicer receiving a special gift that someone has put thought and effort into getting you. Continue reading

Christmas gifts under €20

christmas gifts under €20 irish christmas gifts christmas gift ideas for teachers christmas gift ideas for kris krindle

I find it SO hard to find decent gifts for the smaller budgets, but fear not, I have pulled together some crackers for you all! These gifts are perfect for Kris Kindle or small Christmas gifts between families, teachers, extended families and friends.

My Shining Armour Karma Necklace (€20) – I received this necklace in a goodie bag at a Blogger Conference in Cork and briefly met the lady behind the brand at a party in Dublin. I love this necklace it’s so simple and so elegant and the length is perfect for wearing with v-neck tshirts. There are so many lovely Christmas gift ideas on the website and free delivery worldwide, handy.
Continue reading