Second wedding anniversary

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Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary.

This is a small part of my husbands gift, I made this myself and am pretty happy with how it turned out. The traditional gift this year is cotton (!?) but as of yet I’m stumped on that one.

diy gift anniversary gift ideas wedding gift ideas the two darlings ireland cork

I’m not going to get gushy here about my husband or our marriage but suffice to say it has been the most wonderful two years filled with happiness, laughter, love and friendship.

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Lunch for the family

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Our two girls love soup. I relied on them heavily as an easy lunch while I was on maternity leave with the two; it didn’t require much thought or attention but was a healthy lunch for myself and the toddler. I made this (lightly!) spiced carrot soup recently and my toddler told me it was ‘delicious’. The smallest lady had her beak open for it too so I thought it might be a useful, easy lunch idea to share! I’ve made a similar version of this with parsnips and the girls loved that too.

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DIY up style a plain jumper

Here’s a handy refashion of a boring jumper! Quick and easy to do, you may be able to skip the sewing stage if you get a really good quality fabric glue. I tried this previously and whatever glue I used meant the gems didn’t stay on past one wash so here’s hoping that this method make them last longer!

Take one plain jumper.

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Concrete Jewellery

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I’m really excited about this latest DIY – I was lucky enough to be gifted (!) a bag of quick drying sand and cement by my every thoughtful husband. I had spotted a few cool DIY projects on Pinterest recently that used concrete as the medium for working with. Being a Civil Engineer by qualification I thought it only too fitting to put the practice we had mixing and testing concrete in the concrete lab in the old Civil Engineering building in NUI, Galway to use (those were the days right Laura!?). Continue reading

DIY Wedding Guestbook Alternative

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I know my wedding was aaaages ago now but I thought this was a nice DIY that I could share with everyone. Instead of opting for a traditional guest book I wanted something that wouldn’t get shoved onto a shelf and rarely looked at. It didn’t take long to see this idea on Pinterest – usually it was done so that guests would print their own finger print on a tree or the back of the bike. However, I’m a control freak so visions of a lopsided arrangement of balloons on the back of the bike didn’t sit well with me! Plus I’m no detective so deciphering finger prints isn’t my forte and I wanted to be able to look at the tree and see instantly who had been there on our big day. Continue reading

Annie Sloan

My mother in law has a lot of really good quality, old pieces of furniture that she has no space for in her home. I love ‘old meets new’ style of furniture (vintage or shabby chic, whatever you want to call it!) so I am more than happy to take whatever she wants to give us for our home. With her blessing I updated these chairs with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperor’s silk. This paint is so easy to use, you don’t have to prep the chairs, you can just go right ahead and start painting. It dries really quickly too. I got this chair done in one afternoon (and I was 38 weeks pregnant with a 10+lb baby!) so if I can do it anyone can! I kept the old cushion covers because they matched the paint and also because they helped to keep the chair true to its past.

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How to – taggy blanket

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A short and simple tutorial on this Taggy Blanket which is an easy sewing project has been requested by some friends eager to get started with their sewing machines. So I’ve pulled together a tutorial on making a taggy blanket (sometimes refereed to as a sensory blanket too). This is honestly so simple, it requires no elaborate stitches but provides the opportunity for practicing some basic techniques that you can apply to lots of projects. This post is picture heavy. If at any point I’m not clear let me know! These are quick to make and make a really nice gift for new born babies. The different textures keep little hands entertained and occupied. Continue reading