Camping with kids in Ireland

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So this weekend we braved the rain and the wind to flex our camping skills (in my uncles back garden!) with the 3 year old and the 14 month old in tow. It was a first run at camping in Ireland with kids for three out of the four of us, my husband being a seasoned camper but myself and the two girls having pretty much never stepped inside a tent in our lives.  We got a tent recently with the intention of hitting for places like west Cork and Kerry over the summer, the idea of being able to just pack up the car on a Saturday morning and go camping with the toddlers where the sun was shining without having to worry about accommodation really appealed. So our annual family gathering in Dublin was the perfect place to test the waters with our camping abilities. Continue reading

Afternoon Tea – Lyrath Estate Kilkenny

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I had the pleasure of attending my friend’s hen party recently in Lyrath Estate Hotel just outside Kilkenny. We went for Afternoon Tea as part of our package and it was a really lovely way to spend an afternoon with friends that I had not caught up with in a while. We were really impressed with the spread that was laid on for us and it is safe to say we were all pretty full afterwards. Starting from the bottom there was a lovely selection of sandwiches including an open egg mayonnaise sandwich and smoked salmon and cream cheese on brown bread. Continue reading

Double buggy or sling carrier?

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There is just over two years between the big lady and the small lady (2 years 6 weeks to be precise!). Aoife was only walking about three or four months when we found about the second ladies imminent arrival. Thus ensued months of wondering what was the best way of transporting two small ladies. We had purchased a Quinny Buzz for Aoife which I absolutely adore and the hassle of selling that and buying another didn’t appeal to me. I toyed with the idea of a buggy board but really felt that it wasn’t something she was likely to stay on for long. Aoife was pretty good at walking places but there is a limit to a toddlers ability so I knew I needed something for carrying both babies for a certain amount of time and in as easy and comfortable a way as possible. Continue reading

5 tips for travelling with small ones

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Over the past (almost) three years we’ve done a fair amount of travel with kids, one then two babies. Neither of our families live within an easy reach of us in Cork – one set in Sligo and the other set in Somerset. So over the years I guess we’ve devised a few tricks on how to make the journeys all the more enjoyable.

Be Organized – simple right but by being organised I don’t mean having all the right bits and pieces you need I mean knowing where they are. There is literally nothing more frustrating than being on a plane or in a car and not having easy access to wipes, soothers, books, snacks. The way I’ve come about being organised is having separate bags/holders for all the different accouterments required. This way I know the small pink drawstring bag has bibs and muslin cloths or the flowery bag has small toys and teethers. And we’re all calm! Continue reading