Concrete Jewellery

I’m really excited about this latest DIY – I was lucky enough to be gifted (!) a bag of quick drying sand and cement by my every thoughtful husband. I had spotted a few cool DIY projects on Pinterest recently that used concrete as the medium for working with. Being a Civil Engineer by qualification I thought it only too fitting to put the practice we had mixing and testing concrete in the concrete lab in the old Civil Engineering building in NUI, Galway to use (those were the days right Laura!?). It took a couple of goes to get the consistency correct and I still need to figure out a more secure method of attaching the brooch backing  to the concrete but all in all a pretty unlikely, albeit fitting in my case, material to create jewelry from! If anyone is interested in road testing a few pieces let me know!

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6 thoughts on “Concrete Jewellery

  1. These are lovely! I have to admit when I saw you got a present of quick drying concrete from your husband I thought you have more devious plans in store 😉 Fab idea though they look beautiful!

    1. I tried that alright Claire but they’re so shallow it didn’t really work, I might add more concrete on the back on the mould has set and set the brooch into that, worth a try! And no not heavy at all, been wearing the earrings since yesterday and you wouldn’t notice them!

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