Dealing with hormonal spots

For as long as I can remember I have had the ‘pleasure’ of dealing with hormonal spots, through the teenage years to pregnancies hormones have always impacted my skin. I have gone down the route of tablets and the pill to deal with particularly bad breakouts but the effects rarely lasted beyond the end of the course of treatment so it’s not really something I’m likely to bother with again in the near future. Drinking water isn’t going to clear up your skin alone but it does do the skin wonders in terms of keeping it hydrated so that makeup sits well and the skin recovers more quickly from the drying effects of topical treatments containing salicylic acid. Other than that here are some tips that have worked for me over the past couple of months when dealing with a really bad patch of hormonal spots. My skin has not cleared up just yet but it’s certainly much easier to conceal at the moment.

I’m not going to recommend one course of treatment or one brand to use to wash your face because to be honest it’s something you have to figure out that is specific to your own skin. I do however go back to one or two brands and products that I constantly return to. Nip+Fab is a brand I’ve been using for a while now and it is by far the most gentle yet effective range of products I’ve found that contain Glycolic Acid, a natural acid that gently exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. I use the cleanser a lot and it’s only €10 so its good value along with the Exfoliating Facial Pads every other night (€13.95) and the Cleansing Fix, which is probably the most amazing product of the lot as you can use it as a cleanser, a topical spot treatment and a face mask overnight (€9.95)hormonal acne pregnancy acne hormonal spots the two darlingsI had a bottle of Bio-Oil lurking around after pregnancy and given it’s benefit for healing scars it’s an obvious addition to your nighttime skincare routine when dealing with hormonal spots. I apply this last thing at night and when times are really bad I mix a couple of drops into my moisturiser in the morning. It’s not going to make the redness disappear overnight but it does help to speed up the process and certainly make the aftermath of blemishes easier to conceal.

God I have about a million concealers…ok so not really but I do have a lot. I flit between them all to be honest choosing a different texture or level of coverage depending on my skin that morning. I do really like this Guinot Cover Touch concealer (€27.25) because it’s not just a concealer it also acts as a gentle topical spot treatment. I use a damp beauty blender to blend in my concealer, it just seems to work best especially when the spot has dried up a little. Lovely!hormonal acne pregnancy acne hormonal spots the two darlings Exfoliate to even out skin – don’t over do it on this front but about once a week I use Holos Skincare’s Light Exfoliating Polish (€20.80) which doubles as a lovely mask for my skin also. It is hard to conceal mountains but flat red blemishes easier to conceal in general I find. Try introducing a hot facecloth to your nightime skincare routine to open pores more and lightly use it to exfoliate and clean the face.
Wash your makeup brushes. This one is really important. I wash my brushes every week and the ones I use for foundation and concealer I would wash every couple of days. It only takes a minutes to do it last thing at night with a bar of soap and a brush egg (from about €1.50 in Penny’s now) and leave the brush head out over the edge of a window sill and it will be dry by morning. hormonal acne pregnancy acne hormonal spots the two darlingsAnd finally my top tip of the lot but the hardest to actually do….give your skin a break! Sounds simple but I know myself its a vicious circle of bad skin then concealing it and exacerbating the problem worse. I was on holidays recently for two weeks and I literally didn’t put a thing on my face for all bar one day I was at a wedding. It felt good to give my skin a break and I kept my skincare routine really simple. It didn’t totally clear up my skin but it certainly worked to reduce the number of sore hormonal spots, blackheads and breakouts. And here is a no makeup, no filter selfie to show what my skin looks like now after the break, probably the best thing I did to be honest! hormonal acne pregnancy acne hormonal spots the two darlings

And if all else fails wear bight lipstick to distract!


2 thoughts on “Dealing with hormonal spots

  1. Oh wow Eimear, your skin looks absolutely fantastic – really, it does! I have acne prone skin, which is thankfully calming down. Stress is a big factor for me, so I’m always trying to work on that! I found that switching up my routine from harsh acids/chemicals to more gentler cleansers (like the Boots Botanics Foaming Wash) to be one of the best moves I’ve made. I also found that the Neutrogena SOS cleanser used a few days in a row during a bad patch to be really helpful. And sure you can never beat the Sudocrem when you have to!

    Great post, I’ll have to check up Nip+Fab, I’ve heard nothing but great things about them.


    1. Thanks for the lovely comment Catherine! I must check ou the Neutrogena cleanser as my Nip+Fab facewash is nearly out!

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