DIY Gold Dot Canvas Art

I had these materials lying around for ages begging me to do something with them but our walls are so jammed with pictures at the moment I was lazy about it. I spotted some nice DIY canvas print ideas on good old Pinterest so one sunday recently I was feeling inspired!

First off your materials – there are three main elements, a canvas in whatever size you want, spray paint, again in whatever colour your want and acrylic effect paste. I got this stuff in Lidl ages ago, to be honest I thought it was paint but its got more texture than that. Paint would work the same though really. The pigment in this paste is pretty strong.

First off, spray paint your canvas. I did about two layers and remember to go up over the edges. Let it dry and repsray any areas where the white might be peaking through. Make sure you do this outside in a well ventilated area with no kids around and no wind, believe me on all three of those suggestions!

DIY canvas ideas DIY canvas art DIY canvas painting DIY canvas art

Take one willing subject to display your finished efforts!

DIY canvas ideas DIY canvas art DIY canvas painting DIY canvas art

I used the rubber point of a pencil to dot the paste onto the (dry) painted canvas. It took a little while but it was methodolical so really rather relaxing! I was going for a sort of burst of dots from one corner fading out, I don’t think I did it as gradually as I would have liked but no to worry, the beauty is in the irregular. 

diy canvas art acrylic paste upclose

And that’s it really, simple as. I put it in the spare bedroom over the bed and it looks quite nice there. You could play around with lots of colour combinations so this is a nice easy DIY if you’ve got a room with colours that are hard to match or if a room needs a burst of colour somewhere.

DIY canvas ideas DIY canvas art DIY canvas painting DIY canvas art


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