DIY scan picture frame

I have seen all sorts of beautiful picture frames to record a baby’s birth or to mark a special occasion like a christening and always loved how special they are. I’ve even received some from some very generous and talented friends, and these frames are always the type of gifts that I really adore because they are so special and personal to each child. I had the two oldest girls scan pictures displayed side by side in a lovely frame but when number 3 came along her picture wouldn’t fit in the same frame as her sisters so I decided to get creative and give their all important first ever pictures a new lease of life and created these scan picture frames. 

diy scan photo frameMy husband happened to be close to Ikea recently so he picked these frames up for me on his way (I think he was happier to get them for me rather than let me loose in there, I’d never emerge!) and they cost less than €5 each. They are shadow frames so there is a good bit of space between the backing and the glass. The other bits and pieces I picked up in Dealz in their card making section, there were loads to choose from and all only €1.49, serious bargain considering I only used a fraction of what I bought in the end. diy picture frame diy scan picture frame the two darlings parenting blogger ireland corkI can’t say I followed any theme, I just ran with it and the final product sort of emerged itself. I wasn’t planning on using the tape at the bottom but I accidentally got some ink from the bunting on the white when I was stamping so I had to do a cover up job that worked out quite nicely. I hand stamped the bunting with each of the girls names, the little stamps I picked up in Tiger for a couple of euro a while back but I saw them there last week so there are still available and really handy for a variety of projects. 
diy picture frame diy scan picture frame the two darlings parenting blogger ireland cork
I also used the bits and pieces I got to create a few thank you cards, but I won’t have the time and energy to create one for each gift we so kindly received so we order printed ones with the girls picture on it instead! This is such a lovely simple DIY and a way to put your own stamp on an image with such a special meaning. And if you’re not crafty there are lots of companies doing these sort of frames that are really reasonable and do all sorts of different designs! 

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