DIY up style a plain jumper

Here’s a handy refashion of a boring jumper! Quick and easy to do, you may be able to skip the sewing stage if you get a really good quality fabric glue. I tried this previously and whatever glue I used meant the gems didn’t stay on past one wash so here’s hoping that this method make them last longer!

Take one plain jumper.

imageYou can use sew on gems in whatever shapes or colours you like, available from all good craft, hobby, haberdashery store.imageI started by hot glueing the gems on, you could use regular fabric or all purpose adhesive either. I find glueing them on to start with is the best way of placing the gems to get an idea for the overall effect.image

imageNext is the sewing stage, this is laborious relative to the amount of gems you stick on, I got carried away hence the sewing stage took longer than anticipated, a half hour or so.imageAnd that’s it! I really like this DIY up cycle of this jumper,  it was boring but a nice fit so it’s meant it’s something I can wear out of the house now rather than just around! I’ve also upcycled another boring jumper here. image



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