Do you look after yourself?

This is a question that to be honest I rarely ask myself mainly because the answer is usually no. On the face of I might pull my hair together on occasion or I like to do my tan but there is another kind of wellness that I think more of us need to pay attention to. When Kira Walton, co-founder of Voya, touched base with me regarding Global Wellness Day, a not for profit day that she is heading up here in Ireland, I was intrigued.

global wellness day ireland strandhill voya the two darlings parenting blog ireland

The concept is simple, 7 simple elements to be mindful of during the day to get the most out of it. Like going to bed by 10pm, seems like an easy thing and though I may rarely do it I usually end up bringing my phone which is a terrible habit to get into. Obviously not all of the elements will appeal to everyone, I’m not sold on eating organic as a hard and fast rule. I do wish I had the luxury of an hour to myself to get out for a walk during the day but family life dictates and that’s simply not possible. That said once the weather improves I love to get out for walks with the small ladies which is as good as anything, fresh air is good for the head regardless of how energetic the activity may be.

global wellness day ireland strandhill voya the two darlings parenting blog ireland

We don’t buy bottles of water, we have BPA free reusable bottles that come in the car with us, I think buying bottles of water is such a waste of money given a litre of water costs more than a litre of petrol in some places. And it’s just not possible for us to have a family dinner everyday, myself and the three ladies sit and eat together, as a rule we do not sit in front of the TV for dinner, ever, regardless of who is eating and when. My husband gets in from work too late for the girls so that’s just life but we do eat all our meals together at the weekend (in so far as that is possible) so we make up for it.

global wellness day ireland strandhill voya the two darlings parenting blog ireland

Global Wellness Day is on Saturday June 11th 2016 and the Irish event will be held in the gorgeous Strandhill in County Sligo. So it’s a great excuse to visit the best county in the country, and I swear I’m not half biased! There is a full day of really interesting talks  and activities organised which I’m so annoyed to be missing out on but a wedding in England dictates. From tips on meditation to advice on how to sleep better the day promises to be insightful and inspiring. The day will also encourage activity with a walk across the breathtaking beach of Strandhill planned before lunch and activities to encourage the whole family to get moving organised after lunch. For the full details on the day and list of speakers and topics to be covered check out the information flyer here

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day and a great idea. I’m the worlds worst at taking care of myself I have to say. The early to bed thing I can do – the others I’m not so good at.

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