Double buggy or sling carrier?

There is just over two years between the big lady and the small lady (2 years 6 weeks to be precise!). Aoife was only walking about three or four months when we found about the second ladies imminent arrival. Thus ensued months of wondering what was the best way of transporting two small ladies. We had purchased a Quinny Buzz for Aoife which I absolutely adore and the hassle of selling that and buying another didn’t appeal to me. I toyed with the idea of a buggy board but really felt that it wasn’t something she was likely to stay on for long. Aoife was pretty good at walking places but there is a limit to a toddlers ability so I knew I needed something for carrying both babies for a certain amount of time and in as easy and comfortable a way as possible.

On a suggestion from a seasoned mother I purchased the Beco Gemini buckle carrier. There were two main reasons I picked this over a material sling – firstly, Cara was born in April so it was primarily during the Summer months I’d be using it (this carrier is suitable from birth) and I’ve heard the material wraps are very warm, and secondly, my husband was WAY more likely to use the buckle one over the material wraps.

And so the buckle carrier turned out to be literally the best thing we bought for baby number two for the following list of reasons:

  • It was cheaper than investing in a double buggy (it cost me £60 although I can’t seem to find anything currently less than €118 here, or here and here for €139), which as it turned out would only have been used for a couple of months until Aoife became better at walking/refused to get in the ‘baby seat’.
  • At the start is was brilliant for getting jobs done around the house and simultaneously settling/comforting Cara, for going outside to play with Aoife or for going to the park or the shops and having my hands free to play/control her without having to lug a buggy around.
  • When I wanted to get a long walk in once I started feeling conscious of losing weight, and had recovered sufficiently from the section, I would put Aoife in the buggy and Cara in the sling and by golly I can tell you that was a fair workout.
  • We have travelled over and back to England 6 times since Cara was born and not once did we bring a buggy, we used the sling and I cannot describe how much easier it is to travel like this.

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The Becco Gemini carrier we used was suitable from birth with the baby facing inwards, then when her head control improved and she got inquisitive she started facing outwards. She is almost one now and I’ve just started using it to carry her on my back (albeit you could not do this without someone else’s help). If I’m on my own with the two now I use the buggy as Aoife is three now so can walk a good distance without getting tired and needing to be carried.

So there – I’m a babywearing addict, I’ve admitted it!

But honestly, if you are at that stage where you’ve got number two on the way and you’re considering a double buggy – think outside the box and keep this post in mind!

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33 thoughts on “Double buggy or sling carrier?

  1. This is my plan for after baby number three’s arrival in around five weeks. My toddler is 2ys 7m and walks well but I want to use a combo of buggy board, pushchair and sling for transporting the two of them. I’d do anything to avoid a double buggy!

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  3. We are in exactly the same position as you and have also decided to give the double buggy a miss – it’s far too expensive and the Tot wants to walk most places now anyway. I’ll definitely check out the Becco. It’s not one I’ve come across before but it’s always good to get a recommendation. Thanks!

    1. Yes honestly it’s a fabulous carrier but in saying that I haven’t experienced any others. But it’s safe, strong and comfortable so gets my thumbs up over a double buggy any day! Thanks for the comment!!

  4. We’re currently thinking about number 2 as number 1 is almost a year and a half but I was at a loss as to how to get them around. I had a moby wrap for number 1 but he grew out of it pretty fast but this looks like it’d be worth a try. Hoping the next one will be a little dinkier, haha.

    1. I think there are baby wearing libraries where you can try out different slings to see what you like – the beco we got is still very much in use although I had the baby on my front recently and nearly did my back in – granted she’s a big lady, 10lbs3 on arrival! Thanks for the comment!

    1. I’m actually in Ireland and yes agreed I joined a babywearing facebook group when I was on the lookout! Thanks for the comment – agreed, babywearing is the best!!

  5. I am actually on the other side. I am definetly going to buy a double buggy, I don’t think I could cope carrying Baby Boo around all the time!
    Ideally though, I want to by one that is one on top of the other, as opposed to side by side.
    Sarah xx

    1. Nice to see the other side too Sarah! I know my friend has one of those buggies, Phil and Ted’s I think but I found the part for the baby was quite small, my friends newborns were usually around 6lbs and looked snug in there, given my second lady was 10lbs3oz I thought she wouldn’t get long in that part of the buggy! Thanks for the comment and congrats on your pregnancy! Ps I see you’re based in Somerset from your blog – my husband is from there, fabulous part of the world, we visit a lot!! x

  6. I have a similar gap between my first and second child. I purchased a double buggy and I hated it. It was bulky, difficult to push, had nowhere to store stuff when both were in it and never went in a straight line! I bought a Bjorn carrier and although not comfy it suddenly made going out that much easier.
    This time I had no choice but to have a double (and I picked a much better pushchair) but I also got a better carrier. I now have my 2 year old and one of the twins in the pushchair and a twin in my Rose and Rebellion. I’m a complete sling convert and it’s made my life so much easier.

    1. Oh my gosh you have your hands full on a day out! Agreed though it definitely lends itself to an easier life having at least one child close by and under control!

  7. We’ve just got the one, but I am a big fan of baby wearing already. She will go in the pram at certain times but doesn’t always like it. The carrier however will either send her to sleep in seconds or provide her with a better view of the world which she seems to enjoy. It’s also great to have your hands free!

  8. I’m due any day with number two and have a 21 month old. We’ve got a fab new buggy that lies flat for newborn and upright for toddler, so both can go in it but not at the same time, so I’ll definitely be baby wearing! I loved carrying Ella in the sling when she was a baby! x #ShareWithMe

  9. Great post! We are trying for number two and I have already started to look at double buggies… They are so big though! I can’t imagine the hassle of getting one of them onto public transport.
    I did carry Little F a lot when he was a baby (I had Connecta organic cotton carrier). I only took the buggy if we were out for the day, or if I was going shopping. Even a tiny baby get heavy when you carry him all day!
    I am amazed your toddler was happy to stay in the buggy while you went for a long walk! My son is 20 months and I can forget about walks. He wants to walk. Though he stops every 2 minutes… Not great for burning calories 😉

    ps. I’ll be sharing this on my FB and Pinterest xx

    1. Oh Joanna it took my toddler a lot of convincing to stay in the buggy-raisins worked as it took her ages to pick them out going down the bumpy roads!! I swore id never subscribe to bribery but I do, but I call it an incentivized rewards scheme! Thanks for the comment and delighted you want to share, really appreciate it! X

  10. I have 21 months between my eldest two – I bought a double pushchair and only used it for 6 weeks.I have 15 months between babies 3 and 4, bought a double pushchair and used it twice in 7 months so far. I love the baby carrier! #brilliantblogposts

  11. Slings and carriers are amazing. We have 22 months between baby 1 and 2, then 23 months between 3 and 4, and slings have always suited us best. They’re close to you, can see everything, and life is so much easier without a cumbersome buggy to drag around, put up and down and manoeuvre round busy streets and shops. Enjoy your babywearing! #brilliantblogposts

  12. Oh I agree, baby wearing can be a life saver, especially when you have other chn needing your attention and just the everyday stuff that needs to get done. My number three had a nap in our wrap everyday around tea time for the first few months of her life, it was the only way to cook and eat tea!! I wish I was strong enough to continue to use it as she got bigger but I have a bad back so a double pram it is.
    #brilliantblogposts Xxx

  13. We love our carrier. Especially here in Thailand where the pavements are rarely big enough or empty enough for pedestrians, let alone a single buggy. So much more convenient. And great for giving the baby a snuggly feeling and letting you get stuff done in the house.


  14. Awesome ideas! I hope to have a second one very soon, and I think we’ll opt to carrying rather than a double buggy, too. Jman will be mostly walking by then anyways, and I’m not going to have the patience to load that large thing around everything. I will have a double jogging stroller, so if the need does arise I can always use that in a pinch…but it’s also HUGE, but great for jogging 🙂

  15. I too am a second baby sling convert! How do you find this particular one on supporting your back as they get heavier? I’m on the lookout for a good carrier for 6month plus babies that are comfier on my shoulders and back as they get bigger #brilliantblogposts

    1. I have used this carrier up until about 2 weeks ago when I felt she was just too heavy on my front, she was 11 months then and she’s a big lady, was 10lbs3 on arrival but up until that point I’ve found it really comforatble, the supports and padding in the straps are brilliant.

  16. I have one of these tucked away in the cupboard that I bought when pregnant and barely used! I wished I had used it more but I was definitely a buggy mummy! If I get to do it all again I’ll definitely try the carrier again! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  17. I have never done the baby carriers or baby wearing but I thought if I ever have a third I definitely will give it a go as I have heard so many great things about it. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  18. I love wraps and carriers! Our first was a good walker at 2, so we took the buggy out for him if he got tired and littlest has only ever been carried really, he hated the buggy and was wrapped on my front until 1 and since then I throw him on my back in a Manduca carrier. He’s so used and completely happy being carried, glad I didn’t by a double buggy too! 🙂 x

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