An easy and unusual DIY idea for getting lots of memories up on the wall

I find with the house inspiration comes in fits and bursts, I am either brimming with ideas or have none whatsoever. The girls started off in separate rooms but it’s a joy to see them so close that they decided themselves they wanted to share a room. We had bought triple bunks for both of their rooms and so I decorated accordingly but over Christmas they decided they just wanted two single beds in their rooms so that they could look at each other when they chatted, so adorable. Therefore I was left with rather ridiculous looking gaps on the walls where the bunk bed had been as I had hung pictures above the bunks in the assumption they’d be in place for years to come.

hp-diy-ideas-beforeI’ve long said I want to find ways to get pictures up on the walls without cluttering the walls with frames. We don’t live near our families so I feel it’s important that the girls have reminders of them nearby. So when HP came to me with a suggestion to create something using their printer and instant ink service (both of which I already had anyway – match made in collaboration heaven!) I jumped at the chance to dust off the mental cobwebs and get creative.hp-diy-ideas-toolsI have used my printer for quite some time now for printing pictures, it prints wirelessly from my laptop (which needs a proper internet connection to work, a dongle won’t cut it) and after investing in a really good camera last year I’m obsessed with taking pictures. I don’t want them to languish on a memory card or in a phone so I print off pictures regularly. The quality is excellent and it doesn’t actually use up as much ink as I would have initially thought.hp-diy-ideas-progress For this project I printed off 32 4×6 inch pictures in colour and the colour ink went down by a third and the black barely at all. I use the Instant Ink subscription service which means for €4.99 a month I can print 100 pages which is more than enough for me anyway and I would somewhat consider myself a pretty heavy user in terms of the amount of pictures I print off and colouring pages for the girls. My printer is connected with the service so when my ink cartridges are low or running out I’m sent replacement ones. Handy because I am totally and utterly one of those people who would take months to replace them if it wasn’t sent right into my hands.hp-diy-ideas8I went onto Pinterest (seriously every wall in the house would be blank if it weren’t for Pinterest) and found this really unusual but simple project which was just perfect for the girls room. It took about 20 minutes to put it up on the wall, it was as simple as pushing in the thumb tacks, wrapping the string around them and then figuring out the overall shape I wanted.hp-diy-ideas-sorting I had the pictures printed off over the space of a few nights because it took me ages to decided there were so many to pick from. Although what I love about this is how easy it will be to change up the pictures whenever we get tired of looking at the ones I have up now.hp-diy-ideas11And that’s it, I’m so pleased with this one, the girls love it, there are so many pictures up on it they have been discovering new ones every time they look. Even my husband loved this DIY, he’s generally pretty supportive when it comes to letting me go wild with my creative endeavours around the house but he’s not always enthusiastic!!hp-diy-ideas-finished-blur

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