Ethaca promoting diversity

I find it funny sometimes to hear myself trying to explain things about life when I was small to my four (very nearly five!) year old. Telling her that there was no such things as phones that you can touch, that phones were stuck in the wall ‘back then’. She looks at me like I have ten heads and it makes me think about how drastically different the world is now in some ways. Stories my own parents used to tell me about life when they were young always fascinated me because it sounded like they were from a different era and now the time has come for me to hopefully fascinate my child while regaling her with tales of life really not that long ago. ethaca-londonTechnology aside the world itself is different in terms of how we live and accept people. And thank god for that, in Ireland it’s all too chilling to think of the way some young people had to live if they ended up pregnant outside marriage or if they were gay. 

Ethaca is a London based company which strives to promote the topic of diversity in the home by creating products that act as a prompt to start discussions with your children. I received their organic cotton blanket which is brilliant in that its not only a blanket, you can open up the end and place two pillows inside to make a cosy pouf. I love that dual function. ethaca-london-packThe blanket comes in a fabulous box which actually sings to you when you open it! It also contains several discussion ideas and games around the theme of diversity which draws on the giraffe and the symbol of mobility printed on the blanket. This I really like, the simple suggestion of making note of the symbol and together with your child keeping an eye out for it during your daily activities to see how wheelchair friendly the world around us is. 

I know it’s technically just a blanket but in reality this is a gift with food for thought to offer. ethaca-london-close-up

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