Eurocamp La Pointe St. Gilles Campsite Review

And so it’s back to reality after a wonderful holiday away. Our first week easy spent in England with my parents in law and after that we hit for Brittany, taking a fair chance as it’s climate, much like it’s countryside, is like Ireland, damp and green. After all the travelling we had done we wanted to pick somewhere that wasn’t going to result in a long drive with the ladies so we chose Sunelia L’Escale St. Gilles or La Pointe St. Gilles in Benodet Southern Brittany that was less than a two hour drive from Roscoff.

eurocamp la pointe st. gilles benodet campsites pointe st. gilles - bénodet la pointe st gilles campsite reviewsWe booked our holiday with Eurocamp so it was a mobile home set up on a campsite/park with a couple of other tour operaters on location too. We chose June for a number of reasons, incorporating a wedding in England being the main reason but also because we can avail of the cheaper rates with the girls so young and not in school and it’s a time when other families like us travel with small kids so the age profile at the camp site was just perfect for our ladies. First things first our accommodation which I have to admit I was disappointed with. The mobile was well equipped and clean don’t get me wrong but it was dated and smelled musty and damp and was in need of an update. There were spots of mould on the tcurtains, the fabric couch in the living area was in need of a deep clean and The mattresses were bally with age. It did us fine size wise, two bedrooms with a spacious enough living area. The girls shared a room which was a new experience but they were both so tired they didn’t even look sideways at eachother before falling asleep! **EDIT – We complained directly to Eurocamp about our experience on site with them and they were extremely quick to get back to us, reassure us that it shouldn’t have happened and to give us a small financial contribution for our troubles. So credit where credit is due! **eurocamp la pointe st. gilles benodet campsites pointe st. gilles - bénodet la pointe st gilles campsite reviewsThe playground was brilliant, modern and well suited for a great range of ages from little to large. The pool was really the piece de resistance, it’s was full of nooks and crannies which would ensure no two days there would be the same. There were two big water slides, one medium one and then another two for toddlers so again every age of child well catered for. A good portion of the pool is under glass which can be closed when the weather is cooler. Piles of sun loungers but that could be a product of the time we were there. A small bar faced onto the pool where you could get drinks and ice cream. There was also a very nice looking spa on site which I didn’t get to use (boohoo!!) but it looked gorgeous and again really modern and slick.eurocamp la pointe st. gilles benodet campsites pointe st. gilles - bénodet la pointe st gilles campsite reviewsFor us there were two kids clubs to choose from – the Eurocamp one and the campsites own one, Sunelia. For nightime all the kids clubs come together so it’s lovely and inclusive. We didn’t do any of the Eurocamp ones and the swim and bikes classes were already booked up (they could only hold about 6 kids anyway). The big lady did one day of the Sunelia club and would have done more if we were there for longer but we wanted to get out and explore and make sure the girls realised they were actually in a different country with so many Irish and English on site! 

eurocamp la pointe st. gilles benodet campsites pointe st. gilles - bénodet la pointe st gilles campsite reviewsAnd there are some beautiful places to visit close by. Quimper is about 25 minutes away and well worth a visit. Don’t bother with the market on a Wednesday though it is literally shite! The town itself is refreshing, no Zara or H&M in sight, and everyone was so friendly and seemed to appreciate our attempts to speak in French.

We also visited Le Guilvinec which was a really quaint French seaside town that was gearing up for a small festival. Lovely food and the beach, I mean really it looked like we went to the Caribbean…in theory, the wind reminded us of where we were. The sand is really gritty and sore underfoot and not great for building sandcastles! eurocamp la pointe st. gilles benodet campsites pointe st. gilles - bénodet la pointe st gilles campsite reviewsBenodet itself is small, a touristy town with good spots to eat by the beach and port. The beach is lovely and there is a big Carrefour within easy access to buy all the essentials. We had a bbq all but one night so other than eating crepes everyday for lunch I can’t comment much on places to eat out for dinner. At the entrance to the campsite there was another tiny beach but access to the water here is fairly restricted with a lot of stones in the way. Around the corner though was this incredible gem of a bay that was breathtaking, we only visited on a walk before bedtime so I can’t say what it’s like to bring kids onto during the day (again the sand was flipping sore underfoot!). eurocamp la pointe st. gilles benodet campsites pointe st. gilles - bénodet la pointe st gilles campsite reviewsSo would we go back again!?!? Yes, yes, yes most definitely!!! The site was really well suited for our kids, it was small enough to feel familiar after only couple of days, the kids club in the evenings was really sociable and the pool was absolutely fabulous. Next time I’m not sure who we would book with, we didn’t get the benefit of the added Eurocamp extras like the kids club and to be honest when we wanted to ask a courier something they simply weren’t there on most occasions or frankly a bit unhelpful. There are far nicer mobile homes on site which look like they would have worked out cheaper per night with the likes of the park operator’s themselves Sunêlia who also provide a kids club so we’d have to investigate that a little more.

I have another post coming up on some of the tips and tricks we picked up along the way – this was our first family holiday like this and there are definietly some things we learned for again! 

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    1. Glad to be of help, definitely something we’ll do again but we’ll be wiser next time!! ☺

  1. Great review! I’ve been there before and we loved the site too. I also agree that your experience relies so heavily on the couriers & if they are not on the ball it leaves you wanting and slightly disillusioned.

    1. Why thank you!!! Yes fabulous site but it is a pain when you keep going to an office only to find it always empty

  2. Great holiday…totally chilled. We went to campsites in France a few times when our 3 darlings were small. Great memories.

  3. Looks lovely! I went to Benodet with my family when I was a child but I don’t remember much about it, maybe it was the same holiday park! x

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