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It would possible be remiss of me not to make comment on my first week at Slimming World during which I lost 7.5 lbs or a half a stone. This isn’t going to be a blog that becomes inundated with pictures of healthy food or that I’m going to start exercising like crazy or become a vegan. I have to manage my expectations around work, kids, family and life. But I do understand the obvious importance of eating well and being healthy. So what did I do to loose a half a stone in my first week at Slimming World I hear you ask….well wonder no further.

I substituted my usual morning teatime scone for 35g of porridge made up with mostly water and a little skimmed milk. I either added a spoon of honey or some artificial sweetener which is free on Slimming World. Regardless of what I eat in the morning I always get hungry at around 12.30 so instead of a slice of toast with butter or a sausage roll I have one or two pieces of fruit. Boring but it gets me over the hump.

how to loose a half stone in a week slimming world weightloss first week healthy eating habits parenting blog the two darlings

For lunch instead of the yummy panini or wrap they have in the canteen with coleslaw on the side of course (mmmm coleslaw) I got organised. I made salads and I made soups. I had a baked potato one day with my soup with some cheese on top. At the weekend I tried to mix it up – I had a fry for lunch on Sunday which was bacon medallions, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and these sweetcorn pates. I had omelette on Saturday with lots of veg and some ham.

Instead of afternoon chocolate I had the Slimming World HiFi bars which are delicious and during the  day I snacked on fruit and I usually HATE fruit so this one was most certainly the biggest challenge.

how to loose a half stone in a week slimming world weightloss first week healthy eating habits parenting blog the two darlings

Dinner didn’t change a huge pile. I didn’t get the low calorie spray so I syn’d the olive oil. Other than that we usually had lean meats like chicken, mince, steak, bacon, lamb or pork. Stocks are free as are herbs obviously and these usually form the basis of most of our meals from stir fries to pies. We normally cook everything from scratch so spaghetti bolognaise is made with tins of tomatoes or chicken curry with a couple of fresh tomatoes’ blitzed in the nutribullet. Rice, pasta, dried noodles and potatoes, the usual dinner accompaniments are all free you just need to make sure you pile your plate high with ‘speed’ vegetables which naturally fill you up so there is only so much pasta you can eat when you have to balance it out with vegetables. I threw a huge pile of spinach on each dinner to make sure I was getting piles of veg and iron. On Sunday I didn’t have roast potatoes I had mash. how to loose a half stone in a week slimming world weightloss first week healthy eating habits parenting blog the two darlings

I had one small large glass of wine on Friday night which I guess was the big change – I would usually have a glass or two and usually with crisps or peanuts or something but I resisted.

So there you go, it’s not rocket (mmm rocket) science really it’s just about changing bad habits. I think the biggest change for me is waving bye bye to bread and saying hello to fruit. I love bread, I love toast, I love wraps, panini’s, scones, bagels, you name it. I thought I wouldn’t survive without these but hey I have. And I have THE worse will power in the world , I’m a carb-aholic , I adore savoury foods.

But you know what, my jeans don’t pinch half as much this week, my tummy isn’t bloated looking in the evenings so I’m coming round to the idea that a few minutes enjoyment in eating something simply isn’t worth it in the long term. And the big thing for me and why I even care to write about this ‘diet’ is that it’s not a diet, it’s a healthy way of looking at food, it’s a lifestyle change without being radical.


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  2. Well done! Losing weight is really hard and you are going about it the right way. I find my struggle is exercise rather than food. I’m lazy!

  3. It’s great that you have lost so much, well done for that. I like how you’re showing how you’re substituted meals to make a difference. I need to lose weight but just cannot give up the bread.

  4. Congratulations on a great week when it works it really does work. And the changes are simple to make, sometimes it’s the group environment we need. It is a wonderful plan, definitely one of the best. Leaving the scones is difficult, lately I’ve been slipping with them again. Preparation is key. Good luck on your journey.

  5. Wow that’s an amazing first week – I do love autumn for porridge and soup, feels so comforting but so good for me too. I find it hard to cut out bread though, and the little snacks after my daughter’s bedtime before I cook for us are one of my downfalls.

  6. And just where is my tag for the shooshing you in the door?? I should at least get a free week out of it! LOL What a GREAT first week, you must have really stuck to it, amazing result. I lost five in the first week and was very proud. Just two pound away from target now – really bad yesterday but have a few days to make up for it. Hope the changes I have made stick around as lifestyle changes rather than diet changes, but I think they will. Even on weeks when I havent been losing weight, I’ve been maintaining, which is really good, as weight is staying off. Fingers crossed!!

    1. Ha ha sorry credit where credit is due you did encourage me! It’s great though not sure if I’ll loose much this week but I might do two extra speed or whatever it’s called days before weigh in to help!

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