The first week as a stay at home mum

I should preface this by saying I’m not going to update this every week with a low down on how thing as a stay at home mum are going. But for the fun of it I’ll do one update. I’m a week in, and it’s much like being on maternity leave BUT without a tiny baby and distinctly more sleep and sanity. It’s been a truly lovely week and it’s been so busy! It’s been the simple things I’ve enjoyed the most, showers at 10.30am, the quiet satisfaction of having a nice dinner on the table that I had the time to make using a cook book, the giggles, jumping in muddy puddles and being on top of the washing come Saturday morning. 

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Funnily I found it one of the more tiring weeks, I’m not used to being on my feet all day so it’s a pleasant change and hopefully it will help me shift a few of those Christmas pounds. I don’t know what we do with our mornings but we’ve been rushing to get to playschool on time most mornings. The big lady takes great pleasure in standing around and shouting ‘come on Mummy we’re going to be late’ repeatedly in a bid to get me back for the past year!

The three hours I get one on one with the small lady are a real pleasure, being able to sit down with her and do puzzles, read books and work on her words. She loves helping me as long as it involves standing on a chair so soups, baking and dinners are all created with the ‘help’ of small fingers and a tongue that seems to want to lick everything before it goes in the pot. Good thing we’re all friends in this house!

We’re still figuring out our new routine, the small lady doesn’t want to nap anymore at her usual time and the big lady just wants to watch TV all the time which I’m largely against. And I’m pretty busy with emails and articles and trying to eek out my future so it’s a lot of late nights in front of the laptop as I don’t get a minute to sit down in front of it during the day and I don’t want to either. 

stay at home mothers stay at home mum the two darlings parenting blog mummy blogger Ireland

I’ve already scheduled my first ‘holiday’. I’m heading to Paris next week to catch my sister there before she leaves the bright lights for new shores. I can’t wait for that not that I need a break already, honestly!

Anyway that’s the last time I rabbit on about the new change. I’m really enjoying it, I catch myself smiling to myself during trips to the park during the day or spending time in the library. I will never get this time back and I’m so delighted to have the chance. 
stay at home mothers stay at home mum the two darlings parenting blog mummy blogger Ireland

3 thoughts on “The first week as a stay at home mum

  1. Yes. There are some days I wish I was still working so I could go into an office for a rest!

    It is worth if though for all the time you get to spend with the little ones before they disappear under headphones and are too cool to spend time with us oldies.

    Lucky you off to Paris.

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