#GeorgeMiniMe party dresses for everyone

There are some things in life that you only get away with for a limited time, like eating sweets before it catches up on you and dressing your daughters in matching outfits. The time comes all too quickly where they are full of their own opinions and tastes which is a thing to be celebrated but also signals the passing of time from milestone to milestone. My two ladies are two years apart in age but my small lady is a four year old trapped in a two year old’s body. She idolises her sister, copying her every move and imitating her every word. So for this campaign she was only too thrilled to look like her big sister for once and thankfully the big lady, at four, is not old enough yet to want to be completely independent of the idolisation. #GeorgeMiniMe george at asda the two darlings parenting blog fashion for kids The eldest lady has no end of parties to attend and I anticipate this will increase ten fold with the advent of big school. Finding the perfect dress that allows for running, jumping, dancing and eating is the ultimate goal. We live in a pretty rural part of Ireland, which previously would have meant that access to shops, other than our homegrown entities, was limited. The internet has broken down those barriers and given us access to incredibly quality, affordability and variety.#GeorgeMiniMe george at asda the two darlings parenting blog fashion for kidsGeorge at Asda is not a range I would not have easy access to way back, but now it’s a brand I adore having picked up pieces from the range during our numerous trips to visit family in England over the years. The George at Asda #GerogeMiniMe campaign, that I’m delighted to be part of this summer, challenged me to style myself and the ladies in matching outfits, perfect for a party. I got two matching dresses for the girls, in light denim which is perfect for an Irish summer, for parties, picnics and parks. The buttons are easy to do up and the cut is perfect and the price probably more so at £6 (€7.42) per dress . The sizes of the dress run true to size and the lengths are good and long. #GeorgeMiniMe george at asda the two darlings parenting blog fashion for kidsFor me, this my first summer spent in maternity clothes, I was only too happy to spend it in dresses. They are most certainly the easiest thing to wear when you’re running around after two busy ladies, up and down off the floor to play puzzles and all sorts. Coming towards the slightly cooler months denim is great in that its warm enough to be worn without tights plus when you get towards the end the number of dresses that fit become increasingly limited so knowing you can wash them over and over and wear them over and over is a bonus. Plus this dress cost a mere £14 so it’s a pure bargain! 
GeorgeMiniMe 2I’m excited about the new friends the big lady will make and hopefully the parties she will attend this summer, either way at least I can rest easy that her outfit for the next party is sorted! 

I was given a voucher to use on the George at Asda website to purchases these outfits, as always all opinions are soley my own! 

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