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 It’s funny, this blog actually started out peppered with lots of DIY’s I had done around the house and home. Lately I feel like I need to withdraw that claim as I haven’t done a single crafty thing (apart from mend holes in clothes) in months. So when I was sent Get Crafty by fellow blogger Ali Coghlan I was delighted, but not as delighted as the four year old who snatched it from my hands eager to get started.get crafty ali coogan review craft book parenting blog the two darlings ireland First things first there are LOTS of craft ideas in this book that will suit all levels of crafter/neat freak/time pressed mother. From simple things like making painted pasta shapes to party ideas and seasonal craft ideas there are lots of activities for all ages and abilities. The book itself is a joy to flick through, the pictures are bright and clear, fun and easy to follow. The most important thing really is that the items required for most crafts are things you’d find in most homes, cardboard, pipecleaners, paint, googly eyes, pva glue and even if you don’t have them there is a lovely list of 15 essential items at the start of the book that are worth investing in if your kids are anyway crafty and the weather is anyway shitty.

So far we’ve painted stones, made butterfly masks, pencil snake toppers and painted rice cakes with coloured yoghurt. I tried and failed to make the Valentines flower garland but I have a good few months to perfect that one ahead of next year.get crafty ali coogan review craft book parenting blog the two darlings ireland All in all, a lovely book for families. I find it really good now at the big lady’s stage as she can look at the pictures, pick what she wants to do (with some heavy encouragement from her mother depending on the energy levels) and follow the pictures (somewhat). Before this I leaned on Pinterest for ideas but I’m loath to let the big lady near a laptop or tablet as the small lady is very hands on with whatever her big sister has.

You can buy Get Crafty in any good book store or online at Easons and it retails at €14.99. I was sent this copy for the purposes of a review.

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    1. I know it’s so funny my big lady loves the pictures too! They are fab though, so bright and colourful!

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