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I was asked a while back for some suggestions as to what would make a good gift for a new mother. A great question that really got me thinking! I was given some lovely gifts as a new Mum, mainly by family and close family friends, and its really nice to get something for yourself as most new mums put themselves last when a new baby comes bounding into their life. So here are some gift ideas for new mothers that I think any Mum, novice or not, would appreciate.

Back, neck and shoulders massage – I got a voucher for this from my Brother-in-law and his wife and I thought it was such a clever idea. When babies and children enter your life your back takes a real beating, bending down to pick them up off the ground or out of a cot or lifting car seats is genuinely back breaking stuff. Plus, the little bit of time to yourself is really nice and you can often overlook this when you’re in the thick of things!

Home pampering – sometimes getting away just isn’t possible, but a bath always is (or a steamy shower if you don’t have a bath!). We give our ladies a bath ‘most’ nights and if they are so kind as to not go peepee in the bath it’s easy to fill it up a little bit more and hop in when one is settled and the other is being looked after by Daddy. Some nice products include a deep conditioner for hair, some bath bombs, scrubs or some really nice moisturizers. My favourite products include Voya, Lush, Soap and Glory and Kérastase.

gifts for new mothers gifts ideas for new mums the two darlings mummy blogger ireland cork babies

Alex and Ani – I absolutely adore these bracelets and treated myself to these three not long after having my second lady. There are so many different styles from birth stones to sayings that you’ll easily find the perfect gift. I’ve bought these as 30th birthday presents for some close friends, a birth stone, the ‘I love you friend’ one for a very dear friend and the Claddagh one for a friend I met in college in Galway. The bracelets are about €30+ a pop and the company has a lovely ethical backstory with each piece made in the USA from recycled materials.

 gifts for new mothers gifts ideas for new mums the two darlings mummy blogger ireland cork babies  alex and ani

Trip to the hairdressers – about 3-4 months after having a baby a Mum’s hair takes a real beating. And I mean a real beating. Lots of it falls out and there is really nothing you can do about it other than ride it out (and in my case try not to become obsessive about hovering!).

Voucher for a local baby store – I have nothing against the high-street baby stores (apart from the fact many are way overpriced!) and I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses so a voucher for a locally owned baby store might be a good idea. Kool Kidz in Sligo is a great store that stocks absolutely everything that you could possibly need. Often new parents find there is something else they need that they hadn’t thought of so its nice to be able to let them choose/indulge themselves.

Voucher to buy lingerie – my sister-in-law gave me a voucher for an online store specialising in lingerie and nightwear. I have to say it was probably one of the most thoughtful gifts to date as it was just what I needed to make me feel somewhat normal after a long time dealing with the ups and downs that pregnancy can have on the body and mind.

And last but not least offer to mind baby for an hour while they get some sleep! I don’t think this one needs any elaboration. Maybe bring baby for a walk so Mum can catch a few Zzz’s in peace!

Did you get any gifts after having a baby? Any more ideas on the above list?

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