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When Siobhan the lady behind Monaghan based Bonnie & Bumble, and whose Instagram feed I literally drool over, got in touch and sent me this beautiful baby vest for the new arrival I was inspired to go back to some of the basics of this blog. I simply love to support Irish businesses, especially ones that develop from kitchen tables across the country, that are started by talented Mothers working hard to combine the jobs of parenting with creativity to produce unique and beautiful items. So I’ve put together a selection of handmade Irish baby gift ideas, all with the aim of opening up your eyes to the different types of gifts you can find for your own babies, for godchildren, nieces, nephews, grandchildren or friends.bonnie-bumbleWhen the big lady was finishing up in playschool, a friend got us all together and organised a lovely keepsake for the teachers from Cork based Belles & Whistles. We had a very similar print done up for the kids teachers and it was just beautiful, so personal and so different. There are so many more options for prints on the Belles & Whistles Facebook page (through which you can order) and some lovely ideas to mark any special occasion.Belles & Whistles Another lady I’ve been following for a while now on Instagram is Catherine of Dainty Dress Diaries who has set up Designs by Dainty. Not only is her house the most incredible retro, shabby chic house I have ever laid eyes on she also makes these beautiful memory bears from items of clothing that hold special meaning or Memory hearts if bears are not your thing or you only have a small piece of fabric. You can get a bear made out of babygros that will send you back to a time when your child was a sweet, innocent baby and not the cheeky two year old you find in front of you. You can get clothes from someone who may be gone from your life made into a bear so that you always have a beautiful, subtle reminder. dainty-designsI stumbled across FluffBeag, again on Instagram (I’m seeing a theme here!), which was set up by Galway based Aideen who creates wool, felt and embroidered items. I have tried my hand at embroidery and it’s not for the fainthearted as it takes time and effort so these personalised embroidery hoops are certainly something a little different and for €30 a lovely gift to mark the arrival of a baby into this world.fluffbeagI came across Sligo based Marshall Made It in the Strandhill People’s Market and the items are just so unusual I absolutely love them. You can get the frames personalised for any occasion and they are certainly that little bit quirky! Marshall Made ItWhen the first lady was born a very talented mother of a friend of ours made her a patchwork quilt and we were also lucky though to get a most beautiful patchwork quilt for our own bed for a wedding gift. Inspired by her I made the small lady a patchwork quilt of her own and I have to say, that although it is possible it is HARD work! But it is such a lovely way of adding colour and style to a child’s bedroom and the small lady sleeps under hers every night. The Little Cotton Shop on Etsy has some beautiful quilts and other patchwork items for children and babies.
little-cotton-shopMy childhood next door neighbour from Sligo has set up her own business, Snuggle Kids Crafts, sewing and creating unique gifts for kids. An item I’ve made before a couple of times for friends and for my own ladies are these gorgeous sensory, or taggie, blankets for kids. The have different materials on either side and the ribbons are perfect for small hands to play with. snuggle-kids-craftsMy mother in law brought the girls over a set of wooden letters spelling out their names when they were born which now reside proudly on their bedroom doors. Tiny Things is based in North County Dublin and the selection of handmade, personalised wooden items, from letters to frames, on the website is amazing. I adore this letter bunting which would be cute over a babies bed or on their bedroom door like in our house! letter-bunting-8-lettersIf anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to comment below, or let me know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, any friends, sisters, mothers, uncles that might be making unique handmade pieces I want to know!! You can always touch base with me on snapchat – just save or screenshot the picture below and add me by snapcode! Snapchat-2522203668237349543

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  1. Mammy sews best on facebook offers fab presents for kids-personalised blankets (which can be used as wall hangings), cushions, bags etc. The quality is amazing & the designs are beautiful

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