How to add swirls to your fonts in Cricut

This is definitely a Cricut hack that needs a blog post – once you can do it once it’s easy to find again but when I initially went downloading fonts it nearly broke my heart trying to figure out how to get the swirly bits. These swirly bits are actually called Glyphs and can be found easily, when you know where to look!

A tip about fonts actually if you are in the middle of a project and you have spent ages trawling through the fonts so that ‘the quick brown fox’ is wrecking your head, is a brilliant website where you can type in the text you want to use and it will give you that word in every font that you have on your desktop, makes choosing the right font so much easier!

Hello Honey is a lovely font, free from for personal use only and a great one to show you how to get big dramatic capital letters and how to get love hearts between words which works nicely for joining names. Another lovely font is Heart Love, that’s the font I used to make the welcome sign for my sisters wedding.

So when you type in Cricut after you have downloaded and installed the font you will see when you type out anything that it is just fairly basic lettering that comes up. That is not what we want if we are after drama!

What you need to find on your computer is the Character Map function, just search for it and it should pop up.

In here you will find all the characters associated with all the fonts on your computer. Find the one you’re looking for, in this case we are after Hello Honey.

Next you want to go down to the bottom and find the ‘Group By’ drop down menu and at the very bottom there you will see ‘Unicode Subrange’.

When you click on that another little box will pop up and if you scroll all the way down you will find ‘Private Use Characters’, I know didn’t I say it was hard to find!!!

And here is where you will find all the swirls and love hearts that you want. For this font it only has lower case swirls for first and last letters. If you click on the icon you want, press select and then copy.

Now you want to go back into Design Space, open up the text box and paste the character in where you want it. Often times it won’t appear correctly within the text box in Design Space but it will look find on the canvas!

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