How to clean your makeup brushes

Sunday night is a great night to get into a routine of washing your makeup brushes, sure what else would you be doing on a Sunday night?! Anyway, if like me it’s usually thoughts of work that dominate Sunday nights and not thoughts on how to get the bartenders attention then listen up, here’s a quick way to get your makeup brushes shiny and clean. It’s an important thing to do, keeping your brushes clean, especially if you use them most days, keeps the spread of infection from spots etc to a minimum. Plus they pick up product much better than brushes laden down with weeks of foundation or powders, yuck!


I use the girls baby shampoo, simple, cheap and effective. Fill the sink with lukewarm water (NOT hot water, it will melt the glue on the brush which can result in them falling apart). Then take one big brush, or several small brushes, pour a drop or two of shampoo into the palm of your hand and swirl the hair of the brush around in the shampoo. Run it under cool water to clean out the shampoo, give them a quick press with a towel to take out the bulk of the moisture. Shape the hairs then and leave them on the window sill hanging over the edge.


And voila, good to go for Mondays face which, in my world, usually needs a fair bit of highlighter and concealer!

Do you clean your brushes often?! Do you do it differently to me? Let me know Twitter or Facebook

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14 thoughts on “How to clean your makeup brushes

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  2. I wash mine in a little anti bacterial hand wash with olive oil to condition them (don’t do it often enough mind you) will def try baby shampoo though as we have loads of that now 🙂

    1. Oh the antibacterial handwash is a good idea too, especially when its not hot water I use the bugs probably aren’t being killed as they should! Thanks for the comment!

  3. oooh how interesting. I don’t own make up brushes. Not because I have flawless skin, but because it’s so hot here foundation etc would just run down my face. Plus I have an intense fear of getting the colour wrong and looking like I’ve been ‘Tango-ed’.

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