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Now I’m no expert when it comes to Twitter although I see now that seems like an ironic way to introduce an article on increasing your Twitter followers! In the past 6 months I’ve gone from zero to just over 1,900 followers and it’s growing on a daily basis. There are lots of other bloggers and Twitter enthusiasts out there all navigating their way through the tweeting machine so I said I might impart some of the tips that have worked for me. I love Twitter, after Instagram it’s my social media tool of choice.  And honestly you would be amazed where the skills you garner from your blogging or social tweeting can take you. I took over the Twitter account for the organisation I work for recently ahead of a large Open Day we were hosting and applying the knowledge I had learned from blogging I had our hashtag trending by lunchtime and we had just under 100,000 impressions (views, engagements etc) on the day. Some people brush Twitter off as silly but I think it is a hugely powerful, informative and social tool. So here are my tips on increasing your followers on Twitter.

Set yourself up with a nice, clear profile. Personal pictures work best, it’s nice to give a face to an account, there are so many millions of them out there a little personal touch always works. A nice graphic at the top that is in some way informative is a great idea too. People should get a feel for your account the minute they open the page, otherwise they are gone in less than a second if they’re anything like me. Create a connection with people and you’ll pull them in

Be informative. Every single solitary thing I post on social media and on my blog is informative, well almost! I always stop and ask myself, would I learn something from this if it wasn’t me. Always put yourself in the shoes of your followers, is this interesting? Is this something they wouldn’t find out anywhere else? Or will they find it out first from you?

Use pictures. I’ve done a lot of research on tweets, from the psychology of the words you use and how you phrase your tweets to how you present them. Tweets with pictures obviously stand out more so use them. Not every tweet obviously but if it’s a blog post you’re promoting its useful to use a tweet and pin it to the top of your profile for a few days until your next post is up.

how to increase your twitter followers twitter for bloggers twitter for dummies the two darlings mummy blogger ireland

Use Twitter analytics. A very handy tool that will tell you the type of tweets that gain the most impressions and engagement – take the time to look at these tweets and try and figure out what it was about them that made them good.

how to increase your twitter followers twitter for bloggers twitter for dummies the two darlings mummy blogger ireland

how to increase your twitter followers twitter for bloggers twitter for dummies the two darlings mummy blogger ireland

Use relevant hashtags. This one pretty much goes without saying. Don’t go on the overkill, I usually use about 2-3 hashtags per tweet. Usually I use either #mummybloggers or #pbloggers if the tweet is parenting related, #bbloggers if it is beauty related and #fbloggers if it is fashion related. Then use words specific to the tweet, so if the tweet is about a family day out use #family and #daysout.

Join Twitter chats. There are lots and lots of these every single day and night. My favourite is the #irishbeautyhour, there are usually lots of really interested people on there, new bloggers and more seasoned bloggers so you can learn a lot. Local Twitter chats are great to learn more about your area #CorkHour and #SligoHour I really enjoy. So go find a Twitter chat that would suit you and join in, you can learn a lot and at the end of the hour people usually swap links and follows so it’s a great way to find followers and people to follow who have the same interests as you!

Be interactive. Following on from my last point in general be interactive. Most evenings I try and interact with someone new about something. I know Twitter is Twitter but I’ve met some really lovely, helpful bloggers through it that are based in England that have been so helpful and supportive since I’ve started.

#FF. This hashtag is great for sharing the love on a Friday. It stands for Follow Friday and it’s a great way to show your appreciation to fellow bloggers and even companies you like and respect. You start the tweet with #FF and then tag the people you like and in general everyone in the tweet follows everyone else in the tweet.

Schedule Tweets. One of the most important things about Twitter is maintaining a presence. Now obviously I work so I can’t be on there all day BUT I give the impression I am by scheduling tweets. And remember it’s not just England and Ireland you should target, there are lots of great bloggers and tweeters in America and they operate in a different time zone so schedule tweets throughout the day and night for maximum exposure. I use Tweetdeck but there are lots more out there.

Shorten URL’s. I use to shorten all my links for posting to Twitter. Not only does it take up less space in your tweet but you can keep track of the number of clicks a link gets. Take note and reuse the link if it generates lots of interest.

how to increase your twitter followers twitter for bloggers twitter for dummies the two darlings mummy blogger ireland
Follow others. A good way to find suitable people to follow is to look at a Tweeter you like, one that has similar interests to you and then check out who follows them and who they follow. In general Twitter etiquette is that you should follow similar people back so if you follow followers of other relevant accounts you can be sure to pick up some new followers yourself. I also do a purge of people that aren’t following me back or who just aren’t relevant anymore, there is a limit on the number of people you can follow based on your own number of followers, once you follow 2,000 people you are limited until you have 2,000 followers. So don’t waste your followings on irrelevant people. I used the word follow a lot in that point!

Push from Instagram. Instagram has a great feature whereby you can publish your Instagram pictures on Facebook and Twitter (and lots of other places but I don’t use them). It doesn’t come up as a picture on Twitter just a link but I find a good lot of people follow the link if the first few lines are interesting enough!

how to increase your twitter followers twitter for bloggers twitter for dummies the two darlings mummy blogger ireland

So there you go, my tips on how to suceed at Twitter – and on that note come find me….@thetwodarlings 

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  2. Thank you for the post- great reading your tips! Never realised there was twitter analytics so I’m really excited now I know about this! X
    Please check out my blog:

        1. No I just look on my laptop and can see there whose following me but you can only do it on twitter, instagram is a pain but I don’t follow many there really

    1. Thanks Lisa, it probably seems a bit callous to ditch followers like that but if you aren’t overly fond of their tweets and they aren’t following you back if get rid!

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