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A short and simple tutorial on this Taggy Blanket which is an easy sewing project has been requested by some friends eager to get started with their sewing machines. So I’ve pulled together a tutorial on making a taggy blanket (sometimes refereed to as a sensory blanket too). This is honestly so simple, it requires no elaborate stitches but provides the opportunity for practicing some basic techniques that you can apply to lots of projects. This post is picture heavy. If at any point I’m not clear let me know! These are quick to make and make a really nice gift for new born babies. The different textures keep little hands entertained and occupied.

Cut two squares (approximately 8×8 inches) and a selection of ribbons (approximately 6 inches).
Fold the ribbons over and stitch to the front side of the cotton square.
Close up of the ribbons stitched to the fabric
Pin the minky (or fleece) material (right side facing in towards the right side of the cotton material).
Material pinned for final sewing. Sew around the square leaving about 2 inches open. Push the material from inside to out through the hole.
A tip on sewing with minky fabric – it tends to bunch if the minky material is facing upwards so I put the cotton material under the foot of my machine.
Stitch around the edges once again to secure the ribbons and to close up the hole that you pushed the material though.
Close up of finished taggy blanket. I attached a flexibly ring to mine as I tend to keep it attached to the car seat or the changing bag handle.

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