Inspiring dolls for girls

My ladies love playing with dolls, there is absolutely no doubt about that. And while I have no major problem with Barbie, part from the fact that her streamlined waist taunts me as I watch the girls with a cup of tea and a biscuit in hand, I would prefer they had dolls with a more realistic outlook in life. We all know that if Barbie were real she wouldn’t be able to support her own head and given the length of some of the dresses she comes with I do wonder as to her method of supporting herself financially too if you get my drift wink wink! 

dolls for young girls the two darlings mummy blogger parenting blogger ireland I’ve spoken about Lottie Dolls before and I’ll do it again because I think they are great. The dolls body is modelled on an 8 year olds body so she’s well able to support her own head. The range of themes the dolls are set around are either inspirational like Star Gazer Lottie or just fun, childlike activities like jumping in puddles or dreams of being a Snow Queen (like the one we have pictured above that we got from Galway based Lottie is made by Donegal based company Arklu so you’re supporting Irish and the dolls are good value, starting at €20 and come with a good set of accessories. 

Despite what I say about Barbie the girls love her, they provide the ladies with hours of entertainment. The concentration involved when it comes to getting them dressed and the opportunity for them to use their imagination is undoubtedly brilliant. Barbie has a range of dolls called Barbie Fashionista which literally come in every shade, shape and size, there are tall dolls, petitie dolls, curvy dolls, red hair dolls, curly hair dolls, you get the drift. The ladies got one of the ‘normal’ sized dolls which was thieved before I even got to take a picture and these two dolls pictured below. These are a great stocking filler for girls of all ages, coming in around €10.  barbie-fashionista

So if you’re on the hunt for dolls with a little difference I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by both of these offerings. 

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