Investing in the classics with Marks and Spencer

Lately I am loath to admit that though I harbour dreams of looking as effortlessly stylish as some of the ladies I follow on Instagram, for me this just isn’t a reality right now. My days (and nights!) are busy and I would love to have the time and energy to spend my mornings browsing through my closet pulling together outfits, but the truth is that the same jumpers and jeans are on rotation for many’s  a day. And that’s ok because I need to be warm (for walking to school) and I need to be comfortable around the girls.

So I’ve come to realise that I need good basics in my wardrobe and if I have those then flinging an outfit together in the morning becomes all the easier. Once you have the backdrop right it’s easy to pick one piece then, say a jumper or a cardigan, to throw on and add a pop of colour or a pop of print as the case may be.For me the most important basic and classic in my wardrobe is a good pair of black jeans. Truth be told I would probably wear jeans every day of the week if I had half a chance. A good pair of black jeans looks smart by day and are so versatile you can dress them up and dress them down just as easily either way. I’ve always loved the jeggings from Marks and Spencer, if you have followed me for a while you’ll be sick of hearing me rabbit on about them. But it was time for a change so I bought the Super Skinny High Waisted jeans recently and I am LOVING them. I got the UK12 long and they are a gorgeous fit – I would say quite a generous UK12 because in a lot of other brands I would be more of a UK14 but I’m ok with being a twelve!Next up is footwear and although you will often find me wearing trainers I love a good quality pair of boots to sharpen up a simple outfit. In fact, these beautiful black Chelsea boots I have already mentioned too because I bought them in brown recently and I just loved them so much, I found them so comfortable and they look so neat and smart on. Sooo I went and bought them in black too!! They are leather and for €70 honestly you couldn’t go wrong.

And then there is this trench coat, how have I not owned one of these before!! I love the length of this one and it comes with Marks and Spencer’s stormwear technology so it’s great for the school walk/run (most mornings it is quite literally a run!).It’s nice to invest in a few ‘on trend’ as the young ones would say, pieces that add a bit of personality to an outfit. I’m completely obsessed with this cardigan, it’s so soft and cuddly and the length is just gorgeous on. I’m totally buying into this animal print trend at the moment and really like this leopard print jumper mainly because of the length, I find it hard to find jumpers that aren’t too short on me, I need to hide my mum tum a little longer so this one is a perfect length and a nod to this seasons biggest trend.

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