A little round up – upcycling IKEA furniture, simple makeup routine and more

I feel like this website is sorely neglected and to be honest I should be pumping more time into it. I feel lately like all my social media or online time is directed solely at Instagram and sure if that were to vanish in the morning where would I be! And I started blogging as a way to channel my creativity and writing is one of the best ways to do that so from time to time I might throw up a quick blog post covering a few bits and pieces that I’ve been up to over the last while.

At the moment it feels a bit chaotic still, you’d think once the kids are back to school things would get easier given they are gone from the house for however many hours in the day but it’s not, it’s mad!! I have 3 different school collection times this year (and for the next four years!) so from midday onwards it feels like time just evaporates.

I posted lots about back to school on my Instagram (I’ve saved it as a highlight on my Instagram) but one of the best tips was a little YouTube clip I shared that was just a brilliant way for teaching kids how to tie their own laces. I showed my 5 year old the clip and I haven’t had to tie her laces since, mad! I’ll link the clip here because I keep getting asked about it so it’s good to have it saved a few places to make it easy to find. 

Anyway I have managed to squeeze in a little upcycle. I had my eye on a few plain white pieces we have from IKEA that I wanted to update but from my previous research the primer and paint I had used before I thought wasn’t going to work I need something heavy duty considering the bits I want to upcycle are in the girls room therefore get a fair bit of use. So in stepped the lovely Kate from the Carlow Paint Hub and she sent me literally everything I needed to upcycle them from paint brushes to primer to the most gorgeous paint from Joanne Condons collection. The paint is from Tikkurila, a brand I admit I hadn’t heard of before, but they know their stuff in Carlow so I trust it’ll work. I kept is simple enough, I used frog tape to create the clean lines and I will have a little video up on my Instagram on how I did it all, step by step.

I love makeup, I used to write about it so much but then I bred more children and I ran out of time! Now I tend to stick to the same products really for skincare and makeup and I put together a really quick simple video here on the 6 products I use. Takes me about 3 minutes to apply them and I feel like I look like I’m pulled together and ready for the day once I’m done. 


And on a last note work wise it’s been a really busy month, I’ve worked with Batchelors on a Fuel for Back to School campaign and with Tesco also on the topic of back to school. I was at the Ploughing with Pink Lady Apples and I also worked with Graze which was a great one because their snacks have genuinely come in so handy of late, it’s so busy some days I nearly don’t get lunch until dinner time! I absolutely love getting to work with such a variety of brands, it’s insane still to think it happens but it’s just amazing and I am so grateful for every job that comes my way. 

Anyway I’m rambling now so I’ll leave it at that, just a few useful bits of info that poured out of my head for the fun! 

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