Lottie Dolls – realistic, inspiring dolls for young girls

I have long since been a fan of Lottie Dolls. I think the whole ideal behind the brand appeals to me, making dolls for small girls that actually look like small girls. I mean really when you think about it it makes perfect sense, why should a 4 year old be playing with a doll with boobs far larger than her mothers and a waist almost the same size as her mothers!!! I jest but in all seriousness I love the concept of it, it means kids can identify with it and can play games around the idea of kids rather than adults. 

lottie dolls review irish parenting blogger mummy blogger cork the two darlingsThe thing I like most about Lottie is the fact that the dolls all come with a theme, and they are really clever, inspirational and educational, from star gazer Lottie to fossil hunter Lottie (those are our favourites!) the dolls provide families the opportunity to open discussion on stars and on history. And there are loads more topics, we have the Always Artsy Lottie also which came with the most gorgeous set of accessories. lottie-dolls-artsyThe dolls are smaller in size than a Barbie, about half the size so ours fit nicely into our dolls house and they come with different skin tones, different hair types, colours and lengths.They clothes that the dolls wear are all age appropriate so think coats, scarves boots, socks, gilets, sensible clothes and shoes, no short dresses that leave you wondering is it a dress or a top and no high heels. The quality of the dolls is really good too, the hair is think and plentiful and none of our dolls have a matted mop yet despite being regularly used.lottie-dolls-reviewLottie Dolls is an Irish company, head quartered in Donegal. They have done a huge amount of research into developing these dolls so that they provide young girls with a positive influence during play time. I really love this outlook and the girls seem to respond to it too as they reach for Lottie before any of the other dolls they have. lottie-dolls-always-artsy-review

Lottie Dolls are available in a lot of toy stores, also online from Lottie.com directly (where they do some really good bundle offers on the dolls, handy if you have a few presents to buy or a few kids yourself that would each like one!). You can also sign up to Club Lottie for discounts and news on new releases etc. You can also find Lottie Dolls on Facebook, Instagram (I love their Instagram!) and Twitter

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