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When it comes to the small ladies we put every genre of toy in front of them, from farm animals to dolls they have a wide variety.The big lady loves her Barbie’s but jaypers, the clothes the Barbie’s come with leave LITTLE to the imagination. I restyled our Barbie’s by making some midi skirts and proper tops with my sewing machine so that she resembles an upstanding citizen. And then I discovered the Lottie Dolls and my interest was piqued. I especially LOVE the selection of Dolls that fall under the remit of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). We really encourage counting and maths in our house (we cant help it!) so much so that the big lady literally counted the teeth in my mouth last night as I put her to bed.
Lottie Dolls inspiring dolls for girls Christmas gifts the two darlings

We got two Lottie Dolls – Fossil Hunter Lottie and Stargazer Lottie, both of which I’m holding back until Christmas so as to not spoil. The Fossil Hunter Lottie holds specific importance as my parents-in-law live near the Jurassic Coast in the South of England so searching for fossils near Charmouth is a regular activity when we visit, whatever the weather.
Stargazer Lottie holds a personal sentiment as the sun and the stars are something my Dad has always been interested in, showing us one off comets and (inadvertently) taking us on an eclipse cruise on a family holiday to France one year. We live in the countryside now where the night sky isn’t spoiled by light so I look forward to being able to show the girls the stars myself. 

Lottie Dolls inspiring dolls for girls Christmas gifts the two darlings

Lottie Dolls are the creation of Donegal based company Arklu and the doll itself is scientifically based on the proportions of the average 9 year old girl. Lottie likes to play outside, she likes horseriding and she doesn’t wear makeup! The dolls cost between €19.99 and €24.99 for the STEM dolls and online at toysandgames.ie. Lottie is available in store at Toymaster, Hamleys Dundrum, Art N’ Hobby Liffey Valley, Crafty Kids, mcElhinneys, selected Easons and independent toy stores. 

So while we haven’t even opened out Lottie Dolls yet I really, really look forward to the girls opening them at Christmas, I think they will make for a fabulous gift. The small lady absolutely adores her ‘babies’ and it will be a pleasure to see the two of them playing together with these dolls over Christmas and long into the future. We’ll have to bring Fossil Hunter Lottie to the beach to search for real fossils on the Jurassic Coast when we head for England next.

You can follow Lottie’s adventures online at Twitter and Facebook and you can sign up to Club Lottie for exclusive emails and info!

5 thoughts on “Lottie Dolls

  1. what a great idea, our Lottie would love a doll named after her, may need to look into these in the next year or so. Hate Barbie ( and Sindy if she still exists) never bought them for my own children though youngest daughter did have a few bought for her that she kept in a box under her bed in pieces as she pulled them limb from limb, beheaded them and chopped their hair off……

    1. Ha! I chopped the hair of my barbie when I was younger too! Hate Barbie and actually the people who developed Lottie initially went to acquire the rights to produce Sindy but then decided against it and developed Lottie!

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