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I’ve spoken recently about my healthy initiatives having joined Slimming World (which FYI I gave up as I missed a week or two due to work commitments, oops!). I’m still following the plan however because I thought it was just brilliant (albeit there are a few more glasses of wine at the weekend perhaps!) so I was in the market for some new lunch gear. I had won a competition previously with Zazzle that resulted in the big lady getting her very own personalised lunchbox so when I was offered a Yubo lunchbox of my very own…well who am I to refuse such an offer. I was so impressed with the big lady’s lunchbox I chose the same for myself but decided, having been in a goulish mood at the time, I’d give it a slightly more edgy vibe than the pink princesses that adorned my daughters. There are LOTS of colours to choose from with these lunchboxes and an almost infinite amount of interchangeable faceplate inserts.

lunchboxes for adults zazzle gifts zazzle lunchbox yubo lunchbox personalised lunchbox

Zazzle is a fantastic website for personalised items; you can literally put your own stamp on anything from a hat to a cup. So easy to use, upload you pictures or choose from their thousands of suggestions and add text and bobs your uncle, for me it was a lunchbox no one was going to mistake for their own in this large organisation I work in!

lunchboxes for adults zazzle gifts zazzle lunchbox yubo lunchbox personalised lunchbox

The lunchboxes aren’t cheap, they start at €41.50 BUT what I will say is that it is extremely easy to clean, the two sides front and back come off. It comes with an icepack but in Ireland there is hardly much use for that I guess unless it was summer and you were heading to the beach for the day. It comes with two pots which I use for salad dressing, feta cheese, tomatoes, natural yoghurt and jam, grapes etc. The sandwich container is great for salads, you can fit a deceptive amount in there.

The lunchboxes are BPA free, recyclable and if you take out the faceplate you can bung it in the dishwasher which is great because I find there is a lingering smell of banana and yogurt of lunchboxes no matter how many times you wash them in the sink. lunchboxes for adults zazzle gifts zazzle lunchbox yubo lunchbox personalised lunchbox I also picked up this Sigg water bottle which again I customized. This is a great (little bottle, I didn’t realise how small 300ml is, says herself that has spent years making bottles for babies!), it’s grand and handy for my handbag. I wouldn’t give this to a child and expect them to be able to close the top…unfortunately our poor childminder figured that one out the hard way when it spilled all over her car, oops, sorry! Again, not cheap but given the materials the bottle is made from it is supposed to last for a good number of years. sigg water bottle zazzle the two darlings healthy eating mums They have SOOO may Christmas ideas on the website too, worth checking out for ideas anyway, I have a mug with a collage of pictures from the big ladies first Christmas that we use constantly and I love and one of our wedding day which is a lovely reminder of how glamorous life can be even on the darkest of mornings! 



12 thoughts on “Lunchboxes for Adults

  1. I love their lunchboxes. My daughter has one in a fox design and its super cute! I love the fact it comes with a thin ice pack, so handy and doesn’t take up too much room either! xxx

  2. Really like the look of the lunchbox I struggle with taking food to work meaning I spend most of my time eating pre made sandwiches. I am sure if I had one of these I would be more motivated to make that salad!! 🙂 x

  3. Now these, I LIKE! I love that they can be personlised too, they look and sound very compact, perfect handbag size. I also like the water bottle.

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